Amazon is about to open a hair salon, using AR technology for customers to choose colors

Tram Ho

Amazon once reinvented the supermarket shopping model with its go-to counter chain Go, and now the e-commerce giant is about to apply the power of technology to the hairdressing industry. They chose east London to open their first Amazon-branded hair salon – a center of nearly 140 square meters where customers can try out virtual hair colors with an augmented reality bar and shop. Beauty products have been selected using electronic screens as well as QR codes.

The AR technology Amazon uses will be processed on a tablet embedded in a mirror, allowing customers to see what they look like in a variety of hair colors through the tablet’s front camera. Overall, things look quite similar to the Live Mode makeup feature that Amazon introduced on its mobile app in 2019, allowing users to experiment with a variety of lip colors. Meanwhile, the shopping experience uses Amazon’s new “point-and-learn” technology, which allows customers to point a camera at a product on a shelf to view relevant information – including videos promoting brands – on an included screen. You will then be able to purchase the items by scanning a QR code to go to the product page on the Amazon UK website.

Amazon sắp mở tiệm làm tóc, sử dụng công nghệ thực tế tăng cường AR cho khách chọn màu - Ảnh 1.

In addition to technology, Amazon’s hair salon also offers traditional hairdressing with experts from Neville Hair and Beauty, a London barbershop with adult barber prices around $ 70 to … 350 USD. Reportedly, Amazon is currently testing the AR concept with employees and plans to expand the store widely in the next few weeks.

Amazon’s hair salon comes right after the first UK convenience store chain to use the same technology without a cash register as its Go stores, with three Amazon Fresh stores currently operating across London. So far, the company said there are no plans to open more hair salons. Instead, they see the concept as a place to test new technology and showcase other beauty products.

Reference: Engadget

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