Alibaba Cloud cooperates with VDCA to accelerate digital transformation for businesses

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The program will provide more than 2,000 local businesses with access to professional consulting services, an advanced cloud technology suite, and free training courses. These training courses will be organized by Alibaba Cloud and VDCA, covering areas such as cloud computing, data analytics, and building e-commerce websites and applications.

Alibaba Cloud will also provide technical support and advice for businesses to enhance their digital capabilities and use cloud solutions. This support includes a comprehensive assessment of an enterprise’s existing architecture, analysis of the steps required to efficiently migrate through the cloud, and recommendations for overcoming challenges across domains. media, entertainment, games, Internet and Fintech.

Alibaba Cloud hợp tác VDCA tăng tốc chuyển đổi số cho các doanh nghiệp - Ảnh 1.

General Director of Alibaba Cloud Vietnam – Mr. Kenny Song signed a cooperation agreement with Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Digital Media Association – Mr. Vu Kiem Van.

“Vietnam’s development speed leads to an increasing demand for digital capabilities from the business community, especially for services that support digital communication and information exchange. By partnering with Alibaba Cloud , we want to provide the necessary tools and training programs for Vietnamese businesses to grasp new trends and opportunities as well as build their position in the future,” said Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong – Chairman of the Association. Vietnam Digital Media, former Deputy Minister of Information and Communications – said.

Speaking at the program, Mr. Kenny Song – General Director of Vietnam market, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence – said: “By leveraging the diversity of cloud solutions, experience and training courses, Alibaba Cloud looking forward to helping businesses unlock the value and potential of their digital journey.”

Alibaba Cloud hợp tác VDCA tăng tốc chuyển đổi số cho các doanh nghiệp - Ảnh 2.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong – Chairman of Vietnam Digital Communications Association – Former Deputy Minister of Information and Communications made the opening speech.

The event was jointly organized by Intel, a long-time global strategic partner of Alibaba Cloud. The two sides have combined research and innovation efforts to provide top-notch products and services to customers around the world.

Last year, Alibaba Cloud introduced ECS 7 – an infrastructure upgrade, powered by 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. Performance of MySQL, Redis, Nginx, and loading Internet scenarios Other highs can be improved up to 50%. In video transcoding situations, performance can be improved by up to 40%; in blockchain scenario, performance can improve 8-10 times. The 7th generation ECS version of Alibaba Cloud has empowered and supported the growth of businesses.

Alibaba Cloud CDN service is adopted by Gitiho – an education startup that provides an online learning platform for professionals in Southeast Asia to support the online course curriculum. Due to the increasing traffic, Gitiho needed a solution that delivers high-quality video content with minimal disruption to the end users.

“We’ve seen rapid growth in demand for online learning. Gitiho is designed to increase access to career development resources and support learners on their career journey,” said Ma. Van Thoai – Gitiho’s Chief Technology Officer – said. “Alibaba Cloud’s CDN solution allows us to provide a seamless online training experience platform, as well as scale the service as demand grows,” he added.

Alibaba Cloud hợp tác VDCA tăng tốc chuyển đổi số cho các doanh nghiệp - Ảnh 3.

Communication – Digital entertainment in the 4.0 era.

Another example is Danet – Vietnamese online movie platform. Under the advice and supervision of FPT Telecom International, Danet looked to Alibaba Cloud. Danet leverages Alibaba Cloud’s combination of CDN and Structured Hosting (OSS) to reduce server load, prevent network congestion, and accelerate access to the application’s user interface.

Currently, Alibaba Cloud has 85 availability zones in 27 regions globally with more than 2,800 nodes distributing content on 6 continents. In Vietnam, Alibaba Cloud offers a wide range of products, including ECS ​​virtual machines, database and security solutions, network and storage services, and machine learning and data analytics.

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