Advice on buying programming learning machines.

Warning: This marginal article demonstrates the point of view of the mac!

Advice on buying programming learning machines.

Macbook is square, not much talk.

If you have money, then you can buy a new device, with a little money on an old machine, but if you can't get it, it will be 8gb if it can't work, then 4gb will still work fine. That code, it's not necessary to convert movies but need lots of ram. But if there is a condition, just inhale a lot of ram, hehe won't mind.


Old machines are 10 bottles also, but do not remove 10 bottles of machines to buy, it is difficult to run, sell kfc to spend money. If it is difficult but do not do it, what do you do programming?

What about the previous advantage:


  1. unix terminal, build python, c, c ++, node, php extension loses the sound, less hit when building code. Don't ask why do I install this one … the other one says that the node gyp rebuild error etc., because I use it, don't cry ? (read here, please add the number of wasted hours to google how to install xx on the win)
  2. I am using PHP like to make little iphone app, always install it, install xcode into code, if using win, hehe condolences.
  3. There are few games or you can say no, repeat buying a programming learning machine, no game is an advantage. When programming is good and good at spending ps4, xbox plays for it. Or assemble 1 PC box to install win game. (only afraid when I have money, I don't have time to play games. Really!)

There are advantages to mention to limit ha, the mind that:



PS: If you buy a Mac, you can't install it, like Linux, like ubuntu, but if you find it hard to use ubuntu, choose another job that will save you time and effort!

In addition

Listening, true story, there are 2 people who buy macbook air 11 ″ for 5 years, good battery, good machine, still working normally only when opening photoshop file a little bit new slowly.

others buy xps 13, the battery is dead, the battery must be plugged directly into the machine, the screen is gold like technology, the device is slow.



According to personal feelings, if you are serious and determined to start a career, buy a macbook right from the beginning, whether second hand or new, it will also save you a huge amount of money. Because I look around and see with the macbook, you can use it for 6 years to change it.

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