30 Great resources for Android programmers

One of the most interesting things about being an Android programmer is that it has a very vibrant community. The ecosystem of Android developers is dynamic and collaborative, with sharing tips, tricks and tutorials on the internet and in life at programming competitions, seminars, meetup, and more. half.

In the process of building your skills to become an Android developer, be sure to use the following 30 online resources to stay up to date and keep your skills sharp.

NEWS : Stay up to date with knowledge in the mobile industry

Android Weekly : This free weekly newsletter includes everything from articles and tutorials to videos and GitHub libraries. It is an address that should be monitored regularly for Android developers regardless of skill level.

AndroidHive : is a channel to share the latest and greatest information about everything related to Android.

Google Developers Twitter account : What better place to get news about Android than from official sources? You can get the latest information in real time.

Collection on Android on page Medium : If you want to get rich content from Android publications, bloggers, and many members on the internet, then visit the Medium website. Search by keyword ("Android", "Android App Development" and "Android Apps") or go to the Google Developer Experts collection section to discover useful and inspiring information, notes.

SECRET, TIP, AND INSTRUCTIONS : Improve your skills

Vogella : Programming tutorials on this site are very valuable for Android programmers. They include everything from debugging Android apps to using the Google Maps Android API.

Android developer hub : The official Android developer website provides tools, training, downloads, sample code, library packages, and more.

Android Open Source : An attractive thing in development on Android is that its entire source code is available for free online. The Android Open Source website provides the information you need to create customized Android stack and to port to devices and accessories for the platform. This site also includes instructions for performing various actions with Android source code, like how to run the Android emulator, as well as Google Groups discussion groups around the project like porting Android to a device. new.

Tuts + : Video courses and tutorials on this website help you learn everything from adding spelling checker to your applications to how to use Fabric, developing background Mobile platform of Twitter.

Codementor : In the Android Learning Center section of Codementor, experienced Android developers often share tutorials, videos, tutorials and tips. You can also register to update information via email from this website.

Android Arsenal : This is a collection of free classified Android libraries and tools and they are extremely useful for developers.

TRANSMISSION INSPIRING : Stimulate your brain

Android Niceties : This Tumblr blog collects screenshots from some of the most visually appealing Android apps available for download today. They can bring a lot of inspiration to you.

Android Developers channel on YouTube : Google's Android Developers YouTube page includes many videos from live Android events, as well as demos and tutorials. But most recently, the channel has added a series of high-quality inspirational stories from companies like The Hunt and Haystack TV in a very interesting and powerful way.

App Design Served : There are many instructions on how to develop applications for Android. Be sure to search by Android keywords to see the most relevant job examples.

Fragmented Podcast : In this podcast for Android developers, Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal discuss how to build great software and become better Android developers. Topics include useful tools for patterns and practice, and sometimes inspiring interviews with the best developers in the mobile industry.

COMMUNITY : Exchange and learn with other colleagues

Quora : Members of the Android community are always willing to answer each other's questions (like "Why are Android applications written in Java, but Android operating systems are written in C ++?" Or "Live course Which route is best for Android application development? ”) and provides very detailed answers. You can take the time to browse through the available questions, or ask your own questions.

Stack Overflow : This online forum is a place for exchange of programmers. Professional and amateur programmers all ask questions, answer, comment on answers, and when doing so, the community of developers community is getting more and more active. It's a great destination when you're having trouble, you want to learn how to solve it, or you want to meet someone who is doing it.

GitHub : GitHub is the largest code-based service today, with more than 22.7 million code repositories. Join GitHub to collaborate with other developers, take a look at interesting programming projects, and contribute to creating good software around the world.

AndroidDev subreddit : It contains news, tools, Q&A, and valuable discussions about Android in the developer community. Join the exchange whenever you want, or just read, learn, and observe.

Google+ : Google+ has a very active collection of Android communities, including a collection of Android GitHub projects, a group of Android Developer , and an Android Developer Tools community .

EMPLOYMENT : Find the highest quality jobs

LinkedIn : When you want to find a job, even if you have expertise in any field, one should first look for LinkedIn. Search for your favorite companies and see their current job opportunities, connect with other developers and employers through Groups, and keep your profile up to date. Employer's interest.

Guru : Are you looking for a freelance job (freelancer)? Visit the Web, Software & IT section on the Guru page and go to the Android section to find great projects from hourly pay companies or fixed remuneration.

Stack Overflow Careers : There are many jobs for Android programmers on this site. You can search by project, company, or city.

GitHub Jobs : Another great source of work for Android programmers. You can filter by title, expertise, company, location, and benefits.

SPECIALIST : Follow the stars in the Android developer community

Juhani Lehtimaeki : Follow author of Smashing Android UI and Fat Robot's CTO to update news, thoughts, and everything about Android.

Cyril Mottier : A master in developing mobile applications, with the Google Developer Expert title on the Android platform.

Richard Hyndman : You can recognize him through Google YouTube's development channel. On Twitter, he shared funny news, insights, and images with 15,000 followers.

Andy Rubin : When Android's parents share information – even if this doesn't happen often – you should listen.

JR Raphael : A veteran journalist specializing in Android, and co-founder of Computer World, you should follow him to get the latest information about Android.

Jake Wharton : An Android engineer in Square and regularly giving presentations at conferences and meetup sessions, Jake Wharton provides Twitter with amusing interesting thoughts and programming insight.


No matter where you are on the journey to becoming a professional Android programmer, the resources are now very rich and can help you build a solid knowledge base to capture those opportunities in mobile programming in general and Android in particular.

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