3 signs that you should reinstall Windows

Tram Ho

Getting an error or two while running Windows shouldn’t be a big deal, but if you run into problems on Windows often then there’s probably something wrong with your operating system.

In cases like these, it’s best to do a factory reset and start things fresh.

1. You often encounter software errors

As noted above, occasional software glitches are not a big deal. Part of using any kind of operating system software, whether it’s Windows, Apple, Android… is accepting the fact that sometimes you may encounter bugs or issues that take some time to resolve. .

However, if it’s a recurring problem, your computer could be completely messed up. In cases like these, factory reset is your best bet and it will bring your system back to a good working state.

2. Do you have privacy concerns?

3 dấu hiệu cho thấy bạn nên cài đặt lại Windows - Ảnh 2.

Issues related to computer security are always the top priority of users. Sometimes, for some careless reason, you make your computer vulnerable to hackers. At that time, factory reset is very important.

However, remember to store and protect the important information you need. Because when you restore to factory settings, your computer will almost completely refresh and erase all the data in it.

3. There are errors in important Windows system files

While Windows errors can be remedied by simpler means, and a full factory reset is rarely necessary, corrupting Windows system files is another matter entirely.

In short, the Windows system file is the basis of the operating system. Through a combination of processes, they ensure that you can run other applications on your computer smoothly.

So, if one of Windows’ important system files has become corrupted, you have no choice but to factory reset and completely refresh your computer.

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