2016 MacBook Pro – The first highlight

One of the main features of the new MacBook Pros is the Touch Bar – a strip of multi-touch glasses (multi-touch) above the keyboard. Thanks to this Touch Bar, users can immediately use the tools and commands that change depending on the application that the user is using or the system task that the user is executing. Touch Bar also has Touch ID inside.

The Touch Bar replaces the standard function keys on the new MacBook Pro , with system controls such as exit key, power key, volum and brightness … The middle part of Touch Bar is Control Strip, automatically changing according to the operation of user

Apple has facilitated the media demo Touch Bar during the October 27 "Hello Again" event, so many websites have published articles analyzing their experiences with this feature.


Dieter Bohn at The Verge notes that the Touch Bar has a matte end, giving controls on-screen a more physical feel:

“What you may not realize from the keynote of the event is that it (the MacBook Pro) has a blurred end, so the buttons on it provide a bit more physical feel. The Touch Bar is bright, but no annoying that seems on par with the backlit brightness of the keyboard. ”

Bohn also emphasized that, besides pressing buttons long enough for functions to function faster, you could sort the controls of the Touch Bar. For example, when you press and hold the Reply button, you can slide your finger through Reply All. According to Bohn, no tactile feedback is required when pressing the controls, but the Touch Bar still works very accurately.

Brian Heater of TechCrunch page said that the Touch Bar is "sleek" but "thanks to the moderate friction, users can move their fingers without losing much effort".

In his demo, Heater described the Touch Bar as the second Retina screen, "quick and responsive":

“In front of multi-touch and pressure from user, it (Touch Bar) works quickly and responds well. It also adapts very quickly when you switch between different applications. The Touch Bar is cool and really a versatile new addition – like a small mobile screen embedded directly into the notebook "

While the Touch Bar is mostly maintained in a gray scale, there are some other colors. For example, when using apps like Messages, you will have access to a range of commonly used emoticons.


Engadget 's Michael Gorman said that Touch ID on Touch Bar helps you open Mac "much faster than typing a password."

“Touch ID sensor to the right of the Touch Bar range, will assist users to log in to the Macs with just finger gestures. In a limited time, I experienced the new MacBook Pro line, with the sensor working faster than when you typed in the password. ”

With Recode 's Ina Fried , "those who spend the day on laptops will gradually love it" Touch Bar.

AppleInsider shared a short video about this experience:

In addition to comments and reviews related to the new Touch Bar feature , MacRumor will analyze other details in today's article including: keyboard, touchpad, screen, overall volume and overall feel. About the device.

The viewpoint of the keyboard is quite varied, depending on whether the user has adapted the Butterfly Enclosure keyboard of the MacBook 2015. In contrast, the MacBook Pro received the first positive response around design, especially the ability to integrate powerful specifications in a compact case.


Of course, with a lot of people having the opportunity to touch the new MacBook Pro, the first interaction will be through the keyboard. The Verge page notes that this keyboard is basically the same as the Retina MacBook keyboard in 2015, so those who have never owned one of those MacBook lines may find it a bit difficult. In particular, the touchpad is "very large".

“The keyboard is almost identical to the Butterfly keyboard in the small MacBook model. This change may make some people unhappy but I find you will be easier to type – the keys also move better. In any case, I hope some people will receive the Mac this time, but my level of sympathy is not high (for those consumers) like that, because for me, this keyboard is inherently It was great.

The touchpad is extremely wide, so Apple is better off integrating Palm-rejection technology, because most of your hands will be on the device most of the time.

Forbes is interested in the weight of the MacBook Pro, and is impressed with the form and weight of the device, even suggesting that the 15-inch model has "reasonable weight for busy people". This site has access to both the 13-inch and 15-inch versions of the MacBook Pro and is generally satisfied with the smaller model because it is 3 pounds lighter and slimmer, more compact.

“As a road warrior (the term for regular business travelers and these people often use many smartphone, tablet … devices to work) and is a user of the Macbook Air device, I was very interested in new MacBook models and very satisfied when it has the same weight (3 pounds) and has a smaller design. Even a 15-inch 4-pound line is a reasonable weight for busy people. I watched both lines and realized that I prefer 13-inch models because I often move all day or walk from booth to booth at big trade shows like CES ”

Macworld analyzed in detail the MacBook Pro ports, such as the 3.5mm headphone jack (on the right side of the MacBook) that Apple abandoned, similar to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. With these new models, Apple has integrated a total of four Thunderbolt 3 ports, two on each side of the MacBook Pro (the model without the Touch Bar costs $ 1499 and has two Thunderbolt 3 ports).


While acknowledging that adapters are very important to perform some tasks (if there is no suitable USB-A input, an iPhone will not be able to charge or cannot sync on the MacBook Pro), but Macworld appreciates it. switch to more flexible input standards. When Apple demoed at event 27.10, a Thunderbolt 3 port could connect a MacBook Pro to a 5K screen and at the same time charge the phone too. And there are many other flexible cases that users can take advantage of on the MacBook Pro.

“4 Thunderbolt 3 ports are also available on 13-inch and 15-inch models (the 13-inch MacBook Pro lower-end has only 2 ports with Function Keys). Apple placed two ports on both ports, and I was quite impressed when all the ports could charge a laptop or connect to Thunderbolt, Displayport 1.2, and USB-C devices.

For each IO method, I have specialized ports, so I appreciate flexibility and I have really relieved because Apple has supported replacing 2 ports into 4 ports. You will still need adapters for some tasks, such as peripherals that use USB-A or Thunderbolt 2 ports or an SD card reader, when that location is empty. But when there are multiple ports, you won't choose one of the USB-C docks that a MacBook user needs if those users want to connect more than 1 device at a time.

Engadget's page was impressed with the screen of MacBook Pro models, claiming it was an "amazing" experience for each and "a noticeable improvement" compared to previous generations of MacBook Pros. Engadnet also mentioned that warm colors like red and gold can enhance image quality and general colors "are really plentiful and lively".


Engadget also has a preview article that gathers in-depth ideas about experiencing the MacBook Pro for the first time. These ideas compare devices like "manipulation wonders", which can be firmly held in hand and possess the beautiful details of Silver and Space Gray. Another plus is that the 13-inch weighed version is "lighter than the MacBook Air", so according to Engadget, pre-ordering will cost 2-3 weeks.

“Besides the touch range, the laptop itself is the masterpiece of invention. It feels as solid as a solid aluminum plate and I am infatuated with the details of gray space finishing. It's really amazing that Apple can fully fit the MBP parts inside into a chassis that weighs less than the MacBook Air – I keep my MacBook Air in one hand, this new 13-inch Pro is on hand. and did not get the difference. Of course the 15-inch model is a bit heavier, but this is still a slimmer device compared to its capabilities.

Of course, hardware analysis without mentioning the new screen will be a major shortcoming. The wide color range that the device provides is not what many people need, but this is a noticeable update when you compare each difference. The colors are richer and more vivid, especially the hot colors: red and yellow in general.

If you are interested, you can pre-order the new MacBook Pro right from October 27 . The 13-inch line is priced at $ 1799 and the 15-inch line costs $ 2399. Apple also introduced the 13-inch MacBook Pro without the $ 1499 Touch Bar.

Source: IDE Academy via MacRumors

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