16-inch MacBook Pro reveals new renderings: Thinner screen bezel, physical ESC key, separate Touch ID sensor

Tram Ho

Tech users, especially Apple fans, have probably been expecting a 16-inch MacBook Pro for a long time. Rumors of this new MacBook have also appeared in the past few months. Apple even showed itself the 16 inch version in an update of macOS Catalina.

Recently, MacRumors has posted a new render of this 16-inch MacBook Pro, revealing a lot of interesting things surrounding Apple’s upcoming high-end laptop.

MacBook Pro 16 inch lộ ảnh render mới: Viền màn hình mỏng hơn, phím ESC vật lý, cảm biến Touch ID tách biệt - Ảnh 1.

The latest image of the 16-inch MacBook Pro with physical Esc key and separate Touch ID sensor

Specifically, from the image above, we can see that although the 16-inch MacBook Pro still owns a design language typical of the Pro line, however, some details have been changed. Most notably about the screen when now, the 16-inch Pro version will have much thinner bezels at the edges. In addition, the 16-inch version will also have a Touch ID sensor in an independent position, instead of coming with the Touch Bar as in the current 13 and 15 inch versions. Even though it comes with a Touch Bar, the 16-inch MacBook Pro even has a physical Esc key for easier operation.

However, at the present time, MacRumors said it has not been able to verify the image and it is likely that this is only a product of Photoshop. However, some previous leaked images support the possibility that Apple will completely separate Esc key, Touch Bar strip and Touch ID into 3 separate clusters.

MacBook Pro 16 inch lộ ảnh render mới: Viền màn hình mỏng hơn, phím ESC vật lý, cảm biến Touch ID tách biệt - Ảnh 2.

The image of the Touch ID sensor is separate from the Touch Bar strip found in macOS Catalina 10.15.1

Some recent reports indicate that the new 16-inch MacBook Pro line will be equipped with AMD Radeon RX 5300M or 5500M graphics cards. Information about these video cards is also found in the macOS Catalina 10.15.1 code snippets.

In addition, “fellow” Ming-chi Kuo also said that Apple will integrate a new scissor keyboard design instead of too many faulty butterfly keyboards as present on the 16-inch line. He also predicts this MacBook will be released later this year.

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