The overall picture of Vietnam’s programming market in 2016

2016 is gradually passing and this is the time to look back at the overall picture of the programming industry in Vietnam in general and the industry personnel in particular derived from the changes in technology and new trends in operations. of the business.

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In terms of technology, in addition to sustainable growth in the number of web developers, candidates with knowledge and skills related to mobile programming are gradually gaining popularity. Even Big Data will move to more "small stages" to support this new wave. Besides, the skills of UX / UI, data analysis, technology of AI (artificial intelligence) are gaining momentum in 2016, which is also expected to boom more strongly in the coming time. .


In terms of the business model, startup companies continue to flourish in number, increasing demand for programmers. One of the most mentioned topics is the shortage of skilled personnel. High-level personnel is scarce and many businesses have a wide range of recruitment activities to attract talent and offer appropriate remuneration regimes to retain employees, meeting the company's long-term directions. In general, programmers are now not only "workers" of pure application processing, but they must also be equipped with knowledge as well as team management skills. According to Topdev's statistics, the demand for recruiting senior dev with working experience in startups is increasing strongly in 2016.


Specifically, IT employers have taken a new direction and perspective on recruitment as a trend towards Marketing and Branding rather than traditional methods. The data show that more than 55% of leading employers in Vietnam believe that companies need to focus on polishing their names in front of more candidates. As well as creating good brands, companies will have many opportunities to collect many records and data to facilitate the development of projects later, as well as create a competitive advantage in attracting many good candidates. more in the period of fierce competition among technology companies. On average, employers often spend about 1 month to earn a really good and suitable candidate for their team. Accordingly, employers will combine many social networking tools, make use of the network of contacts rather than simply relying on recruitment pages, so that recruitment resources are richer and no longer depend on pages. Regular job listing also.



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