Xiaomi Mi CC10 will be equipped with a 108MP camera, 120x zoom and Snapdragon 775G processor

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Xiaomi launched the Mi CC9 smartphone in July last year, drawing much attention thanks to the rear 5-camera cluster with 108MP sensor. According to the latest leak, Xiaomi is developing and may launch the Mi CC10 also in July. The smartphone will continue to inherit the most outstanding camera features, especially it will be equipped with 12x optical zoom and 120x digital zoom.

According to leaked sources, Mi CC10 will be equipped with a 108MP camera sensor, but not Samsung’s HMX sensor, which has been used on Mi CC9 Pro, Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. The 108MP sensor on Mi CC10 could be an improved version, revealed under the code name HM2.

Xiaomi Mi CC10 sẽ được trang bị camera 108MP, zoom 120x và chip xử lý Snapdragon 775G - Ảnh 1.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro.

Mi CC10 will be equipped with a new telephoto lens, with optical zoom of up to 12x and digital zoom of up to 120x. To get such impressive zoom capabilities, the Mi CC10 will definitely have a periscope lens system. Currently Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the smartphone with the most impressive zoom feature, but it has only reached 100x and 4x optical zoom.

In addition, Mi CC10 will be equipped with Snapdragon 775G processor, the most powerful mid-range line that Qualcomm has just launched. With Snapdragon 775G chip, Mi CC10 will also be capable of supporting 5G and NFC connectivity.

Reference: GizmoChina

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