Will there be no Galaxy Fold 2 but instead “Galaxy Z Fold 2”?

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As we all know, on August 5, Samsung will officially launch the new duo Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Fold 2nd generation completely new. Unlike the Galaxy Z Flip, which has a vertically folding screen design, Galaxy Fold is highly appreciated by users because the horizontal folding design can easily “transform” into a small tablet.

The next generation Galaxy Fold is said to be named Galaxy Fold 2 after the traditional Samsung naming convention. But recently, some sources said that Samsung’s next foldable smartphone will be officially named “Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2” instead of “Galaxy Fold 2” as many people have mistakenly thought.

Chiếc smartphone màn hình gập tiếp theo của Samsung sẽ có tên là Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Ảnh 1.

The name change did not surprise many users because previously when the Galaxy Z Flip was launched, Samsung said the “Z” brand would appear on all future foldable smartphones. . Thus, now in the high-end segment, users will have 3 models to choose from including the standard Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note with S Pen and Galaxy Z “folding screen”.

“We chose the ‘Z’ name for this product line because it can convey the message of a folding screen device, while still bringing dynamism and youthfulness , a spokesman for Samsung said when the Galaxy Z Flip debuted earlier this year.

On the official Samsung website, the name “Galaxy Z” has also been added to its portfolio of devices. While Samsung did not specifically mention the new “Galaxy Z Fold 2” name, we can be sure that it is trying to “merge” its two foldable smartphones into the same list of names. ” Z “.

Chiếc smartphone màn hình gập tiếp theo của Samsung sẽ có tên là Galaxy Z Fold 2 - Ảnh 2.

The render of Galaxy Z Fold 2 is based on rumors

According to previous rumors, Galaxy Z Fold 2 is expected to improve the screen element, including a larger screen, more powerful configuration, 512GB memory, support for 5G and may come with the S stylus. Pen. It is expected that the product will be announced at the Unpack Galaxy 2020 event held on August 5.

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