Why the iPhone 12 series goes against the trend with the classic design like the iPhone 4?

Tram Ho

In the age of popular phones, users are concerned with the durability of the phone, whether the signal is good or how long the battery can last for a single charge. The grip is not a necessary condition to buy a phone.

Until this later era, when mobile phones were getting bigger, and using time was getting longer, the grip for more comfortable became one of the things to consider when designing.

Since its development, the cell phone industry pursues a sense of grip that can be described as harsh. Handability measurement dimensions include weight, thickness, shape and touch.

Currently, widely recognized standards for good hand-held feel include body weight below 200g, body thickness less than 8mm, bezel and bezels that must be curved and smooth, when the back is smoother. and not greasy. The argument that the cell phone is designed as a handle is really no exaggeration.

Vì sao dòng iPhone 12 đi ngược xu hướng với thiết kế cổ điển giống iPhone 4? - Ảnh 1.

As the company at the forefront of smartphone development, previous iPhone design trends were enough to explain the problem. Before the iPhone 4, the shape of the first three iPhones was really round, and the back cover of the iPhone 3G was like a pebble. This may suggest that the original iPhone design concept included grip considerations.

So why did Apple start giving up this sleek design from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 5S? Thinking carefully, there were probably the following reasons: The size and weight of the cell phone at that time was not that large, so as long as the design was not too extreme, it wouldn’t have too obvious an effect. hand feeling; The sleek design has been in use for three years, and the iPhone needs a new design to rejuvenate the market.

The next reason, from the perspective of visual perception, the relatively angular designs will be more suitable for technology products, which will help them look more prominent.

As for consumers’ online purchase, they always see it first and then like it, only after buying can they experience the grip of the phone. Therefore, a beautiful design with sharp edges and corners is more likely to be consumed than a rounded design with a prominent grip.

Of course, the performance of the iPhone 4 generation is also evident to all, this generation of products was hailed as a classic of Apple and won both sales and reputation. The reason for this is clearly directly related to the product’s most intuitive design change.

Starting with the iPhone 6, Apple started going back to the sleek design, probably because the body size continued to increase and the importance of holding the phone gradually became prominent.

Anyway, the iPhone 6 has passed several generations, with the fierce competition in the market today, it is not wise to make consumers bored with new products.

However, the return of the iPhone 12 to the tough design of the iPhone 4 was truly a surprise, after all, the design is not in line with the current development concept of smartphones taking on human experience. used as core.

The classic design of the iPhone has certainly had a profound effect on the look and trend of the latter cell phones. Given the iPhone’s sales and market appeal, combined with its total control over industrial design, its design can always become the industry’s trend standard.

Vì sao dòng iPhone 12 đi ngược xu hướng với thiết kế cổ điển giống iPhone 4? - Ảnh 2.

Through the change of iPhone 4 and iPhone 6, it can be seen that Apple has oriented the design trend “from round to hard, then from sharp to smooth”. But just as Apple’s lack of innovation has been criticized in recent years, its appearance appears to be fading.

Looking back at the three generations of iPhone 11, iPhone Xs, and iPhone X, though the difference between naming and the A-series processor inside reminds us that this is the third-generation model, in our opinion general public.

According to speculation from the design cycle, the iPhone really was about to change its direction. Successive generations with similar designs are enough to make the public lose the new, if the same design continues to be too lack of preparation for the original 5G iPhone. Apple definitely has to stimulate users through new features and boost sales of mobile phones.

As mentioned earlier, the consumer visual perception comes first. Admittedly, the tough design really shines and can elevate the look of the iPhone 12 series. Even if the new iPhone is not very grip-friendly, it is the experience after the user boots it up and may not hinder the sales performance of the iPhone 12 series.

Given the newness brought about by the classic’s design and the stimulus for new device sales, perhaps the perception of the user’s hands is something that Apple will not care about.

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