Why is Google searching so fast?

Tram Ho

In the technological age like today, finding information is also very important. Ask if Google does not work one day, what will the world be like? Maybe I will fall in the Stone Age.

Using lots of Google but sometimes wondered why Google was searching for such quick results.

Only with the keyword ” object-oriented programming ” that Google returns in 0.42 seconds out of 60 million results. Too fast.

Not only does the fast return rate, but the results are quite close to the user’s search goals, Google has become one of the most powerful tools in the world.

So let’s find out why Google returned such fast results.

Purpose of the article:

  • Help you have a general view of what search engine it contains, why it works so fast.
  • The article will not explain each section in depth, but only talk about each section so everyone can understand it.

Search Engine Architecture

Search Engine consists of 3 main parts. That’s Search Server , Index , Search Backend .


  • Search Server is responsible for returning search results to users.
  • Seach Backend is responsible for collecting the entire website information worldwide.
  • Index is like a database used by Search Server and Search Backend.

Search Server’s main task is to return the user’s search results as quickly as possible. Because if you don’t return immediately, it takes 10 seconds, 1 minute, and 2 minutes to return the results, it really won’t be a search engine. Therefore Search Server will be designed to return results as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, Search Backend’s mission is completely different from Search Server. Whether it takes 5p, 10p or 1 hour of processing, it doesn’t matter. As long as it collects data from the entire website worldwide and creates Index that Search Server is easy to use.

Index’s main task was to save all the data that had been collected from Search Backend. When a user searches, Search Server only needs to find in Index and return the result. Not just then, start collecting data and return it.

For example, when searching with keywords “programmed” then the word “programming” available in the database (or index) Google already. And it only returns the result.

Because of that, it makes Search Server always return results immediately.

At this point, we can understand why Google works so quickly. So we try to find out how it works in particular.

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Search Server speed is 1

Now try to find out how Search Server works.

Basically, the Search Server is no different from the Web Server. It mainly undertakes the following main tasks:

  • Communication management with users
  • Analyzing requests from users
  • Search for necessary information from Index
  • Returns results to users

Going back to the example above, suppose that the user searches for the keyword “programmatically”. At that time, Index was really working on “programming”. And the Search Server only needs to retrieve the results from Index returned to the user.

In the case that Index has no results, then Search Search returns the result that “Currently no results are found” to the user.

So organizing data in Index to make the Search Server possible to get the fastest is extremely important.

Search Backend always prepares data in advance

Compared to Search Server, Search Backend is really much more complicated. Basically Search Backend will consist of two main components: “Crawling” and “Creating Index”.

Crawling is on a mission to collect the entire site worldwide for processing. Because this job is extremely time-consuming, it has separated into more parts to handle, it is Crawler.

Today, billions of websites are lost worldwide. So Google went to collect that website to serve users, it was really terrible.

But because the process of crawling and collecting to create Index is extremely time consuming. Should you have a private blog that after writing the article, search on Google it is not so. You have to wait for Google to crawl to your site, then you can search on Google.

The websites that Crawler collects will temporarily be stored in a place like a database, this is called Repository.

Parts to create Index (Index Creation) will get the website from Repository to analyze, process and finally create Index to use Search Server.

For Search Engine, this is an extremely time-consuming task. Because there is always a pre-creation of such data that makes Google always return results immediately.

So when will Google crawl your site?

With a website that many people love, quality content is always prioritized first. Any site with poor quality content will take 3 to 1 week to be crawled.

How to get Google to crawl your page?

Google provides a page to submit requests for crawling. Just go there and register the website name and submit the content to be crawled. If not, I will confirm that it will take 3 to 7 days to be crawled.

Index is the soul of the search

Index’s main task is to save data safely and help Search Server return results as quickly as possible. To make it easier to use, we can view Index as a Database.

In Index there is a lot of information, suitable for many different search purposes.

In 1 Search Engine, Index is a “data structure” that only Search Engine can understand.

So how to design Index, organize data so that Search Server can query and return results as quickly as possible is extremely important. And today I won’t go into explaining how to organize Index’s data. Because that can be very long and make the article more complicated.

So I will temporarily stop here.


1 Search Engine will include the following 3 parts:

  • Search Server: receives requests from users, queries in Index to retrieve results and return results to users.
  • Search Backend: It is the task of collecting information of the entire website worldwide, analyzing, processing and creating Index to use for Search Server. Search Backend works 24 hours non-stop.
  • Index is like a well- organized database that makes Search Server able to query as quickly as possible.

How do you feel? Can you imagine why Google always returns results so quickly?

Although this article does not help you create a Search Engine but more or less help you have a little visualization of Search Engine how it works.

And this is the book I consulted. I can’t find English books forever. So if anyone knows Japanese, I recommend reading this book. I feel pretty good. How does Search Engine work to organize data storage, how to optimize the server to make operating cost the lowest …

Overall it is quite good. Read for more information. After getting the information, then cut it off to make the wind storm.

Source: https://nghethuatcoding.com/2019/05/12/tai-sao-google-lai-tim-kiem-rat-nhanh/

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