Which browser works best on Windows 10? Microsoft claims it is Edge’s “chicken”

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Microsoft is rolling out the latest version of Edge on Windows 10 this week. Before launching the new version, the company claimed it would be the “best performing browser” on the Windows 10 operating system, which is also Microsoft.

Trình duyệt nào hoạt động tốt nhất trên Windows 10? Microsoft tuyên bố đó chính là gà nhà Edge - Ảnh 1.

In a blog post shared during the Build developer conference, the Microsoft Edge team highlighted a series of improvements to the browser over the past year. The most prominent of which are two additions that focus on speed.

First, the Startup Boost feature allows Edge to preload core files into memory after booting. This reduces the time it takes for the browser to start working.

Second, a feature named Sleeping Tab, frees up unnecessary resources used by background tabs, including ads. According to Microsoft, the feature has been “further improved and saved up to 82% of memory based on internal data collected on our preview builds”.

What about other browsers on Windows 10?

However, Edge is not the only Windows 10 browser that intends to “lose fat”. Google Chrome is also getting a new update this week. Version 91 brings a host of “bug fixes and improvements” with 32 future security patches. Notably, its March update has a strong focus on reducing RAM and GPU usage.

The latest release of Mozilla Firefox is also focused on enhancing privacy and security, but it’s not a slow browser on Windows 10 either.

Besides the improvements to Edge, Microsoft also said it submitted 5,300 commits to the Chromium browser project, which will also benefit Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. While the Sleeping Tab and Startup Boost features were features for Edge, Microsoft helped Google improve Chrome’s tab management, and competitors worked together on a series of fundamental improvements to Chrome. Chromium.

Trình duyệt nào hoạt động tốt nhất trên Windows 10? Microsoft tuyên bố đó chính là gà nhà Edge - Ảnh 2.

The Microsoft Build conference runs until May 27, so expect more news about Windows 10 and the company’s other products to come out this week. In the meantime, do you think the claims about Microsoft Edge are accurate? Which browser do you prefer on Windows 10?

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