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What are design patterns? Design patterns are a giant, if you stand on your shoulders, you will see further. How you stand on your shoulders follow the way of this article, from LIFE to SOFTWARE.

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Design patterns series

I can always confirm 1 sentence because you will ask the question “Are design patterns necessary in programming?” is YES. Series Design Patterns will summarize learning tips from practice to the code in each individual’s project.

1 – DESIGN PATTERNS | Are you sure you can answer these 5 questions? | How to learn 23 patterns You are here. 2 – …

Introduction to Design patterns

First of all, we can understand that every programming language has its inherent flaws so programmers have to find and conclude a common solution. As a result, many software engineers have created generic designs for each project and situation.

And the first group of programmers to put the idea of ​​Design Patterns into the software engineering method were the four famous programmers known as the Gang of Four (referred to as GoF, that is Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides). in the years 1991-1992. Engineers, they summarized and published 23 Design Patterns commonly used in software development in 1994, aiming to use patterns to unify the gap between analysis, design and implementation methods. object-oriented method.

Since 1995, Design Patterns have been accepted in the development of APIs or major frameworks (like JDK, .net Framework, etc.), relatively lightweight frameworks (like Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JUnit, etc.) )

Out of the 23 Design Patterns introduced in GoF, there are 5 Creative Design Patterns, 7 Structured Design Patterns and 11 Behavioral Patterns.

Can I not learn Design Patterns?

It’s your right, it’s your future. Only you can decide. BUT to answer this question I’m going to go from the negative of the question, which means I’ll come up with useful things as you learn them.

  • These design patterns come from the experience and wisdom of many programming experts.

They have compiled all the cases and projects, so that we can rely on them to go further, faster and everywhere you go. They are successful design alternatives that can achieve maintainability and reusability from a variety of excellent software systems. Using these Patterns will allow you and me to avoid some of the repetition when implementing the code.

  • Design Patterns provides a set of programming words.

Ever heard of Pluck javascript ? It is a term to exchange in programming. Likewise in Design Patterns there are common forms to facilitate communication and exchange among developers, making design schemes easier to understand. It means that one shot is to know the intention right away!

  • Proper use of design patterns and documentation of design patterns will help others understand the system faster.

If one day someone takes over your project for promotion or job hopping and other reasons, as long as he understands design patterns as well, I think he will be able to quickly understand the idea. your design and execution plan, so you can advance without worrying about changing jobs easily, so why not?

  • The last point is very important for beginners.

Learning design patterns will give beginners a deeper understanding of object-oriented thinking, and tell you: How to code in multiple layers? Why is there an “interface”? What is abstract programming? When shouldn’t class inheritance be used? If you do not modify the source code to add new functions?

Important part – Source code – how to learn – must-read documentation

  • For books you should read:

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide_ by David Flanagan Eloquent JavaScript_ by Marijn Haverbeke JavaScript Patterns_ by Stoyan Stefanov Writing Maintainable JavaScript_ by Nicholas Zakas JavaScript: The Good Parts_ by Douglas Crockford

  • In terms of learning, you can follow the blueprint that I created based on GoF.

Cách học design patterns

  • Regarding the source, you can access the link below + with GoF’s limited book, I will share it.

Link books + Design Pattern Tips: [ https://bit.ly/3wHQ2tv ](Books + tips)

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