Vietnam Web Summit 2016, will add fire to Hanoi

Vietnam Web Summit 2016 (VWS2016) , co-organized by the Vietnam E-Commerce Association (VECOM) and Applancer Topdev, has attracted more than 3,500 participants and predicted to continue to achieve success at the two. The remaining locations are Hanoi (October 29) and Da Nang (November 5).

In Ho Chi Minh City, the audience had the opportunity to visit and experience interesting with booths in the exhibition area. Many people also said that the topics this year have many new and quite interesting knowledge, with a broader scope, in the field of marketing, web design, and technology / technology.


Continuing its journey, the event promises to continue to bring to Hanoi (October 29) the diverse exhibition area, and the presentations are equally interesting compared to those in Ho Chi Minh City . Especially with the presence of big names like Google, Microsoft, FPT, VinGroup, Redweb, …

Some remarkable topics

Build Microservices and Use API connection port (API Gateway)

The presentation will be shown by Mr. Ly Tuan Anh, Software Architect from FPT.
The presentation will be shown by Mr. Ly Tuan Anh, Software Architect from FPT.

You are developing a server-side enterprise server. It must support a variety of different customers including computer browser, mobile browser and native applications. This application may also expose an API for 3rd parties to consume. It can also integrate with other applications through one of two web services. Micro-services Architecture is the right choice for your project but it also exists but the problems you need to consider include access, authentication, monitoring, load balancing, caching … Topic sharing picture Going from Micro-Service to API Gateway and the advantages of each model as well as issues to be addressed.

E-commerce product development


E-commerce is not only a website above, but also an ecosystem of solutions and technology products at the bottom such as: warehouse management system, marketing system, customer care system, transportation system, system reporting, accounting, etc. The product manager will be the architect of these solutions. Kien will share an overview of a full e-commerce system and important tips to be able to build such a system.

Application Docker in the website building system automatically


React is an extremely powerful technology and is suitable for building a web application with high user interaction. Over the past 6 months, BraveBits has invested in making a SAAS landing pagebuilder product built entirely on React and some frameworks. In this session, the architect and the chief developer will share about the experiences that have been achieved during the development process.

And there's more to discover …

With more than 20 topics in each city, the audience promises to have the most exciting and rewarding moments. In particular, the speaker this year is the leader or product manager team, who directly develop products. Therefore, they will have very insightful views on the issues that audiences often care about most. The duration for each topic is also designed by the organizers according to the format of the international conferences to accommodate more audiences.

Estimated time of the series

* TP. Ho Chi Minh City: Convention Center 272 – 272 Vo Thi Sau, District 3. Tp. HCM

Time: 08h00 – 17:30 on October 22, 2016

* TP. Hanoi: Forevermark Convention Center – 614 Lac Long Quan, Tay Ho District, HN.

Time: 08h00 – 17:30 on October 29, 2016

* TP. Danang:

Time: 08h00 – 17:30 on November 5, 2016

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