Vietnam near bottom of world rankings for 3G quality

Ngoc Huynh

VietNamNet Bridge – The coverage of 3G and 4G services in Vietnam is at an average level, but the service quality is at the lowest level, according to the latest report on speed of mobile networks in the world by released by OpenSignal.

The report of OpenSignal – a site specializing in analysis of the speed of the world’s mobile networks – was prepared based on the survey with 822,556 users of OpenSignal app in 95 countries and territories from May 1 through July 23 2016.

The difference this year is that OpenSignal took into account the speed of 3G and 4G networks.

Vietnam had the average mobile network speed of 3.81 Mbps, ranking 82 out of 95 countries.

The names topping the list include South Korea (41.34 Mbps) and Singapore (31.19 Mbps), while at the bottom of the rankings was Afghanistan (2.17 Mbps).

Early this year TechInAsia said that Vietnam’s mobile service charges were the most expensive in the region, about VND80,000 (nearly $4)/1GB data.

In terms of the 3G, 4G service coverage, Vietnam was at the average, with 82.17%. The leading countries include Japan (98.54%) and South Korea (95.52%). The two countries with the lowest coverage were Ukraine (44.81%) and Guyana (36.5%).

Vietnamese used Wi-Fi for 53.56% of the Internet surfing time, more than half compared to the connection via mobile networks.

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