Using artificial intelligence, Vietnamese startup develops a tool to translate legal documents CONVILAW, with fast translation speed and high accuracy.

Tram Ho

Language barriers and local laws are two of the many obstacles that slow down integration. When combining the two above-mentioned difficulties, an enterprise, an organization, or an individual in need will face great difficulties; The translation of a legal document is not easy, when the context, legal terms and workload all require high accuracy and large investment time.

Translation tools such as Google Translate or Microsoft Translator are easily overwhelmed by academic and tricky legal documents. This is when we need a new tool: in the “digital chaos”, autonomous technology, or more specifically artificial intelligence (AI) emerges as a hero with the ability to shorten time. work many times.

To help those who need to translate legal documents from Vietnamese to English, the engineering team of Startup Assist Vietnam announced a translation AI called CONVILAW, with the ability to quickly translate domestic text content into English. Brother.

Sử dụng trí tuệ nhân tạo, startup Việt phát triển công cụ dịch văn bản pháp luật CONVILAW, tốc độ dịch nhanh và độ chính xác cao - Ảnh 1.

The interface of the CONVILAW ​​translation website.

This startup asserts that in terms of administrative and legal languages, CONVILAW’s AI technology is capable of translating from Vietnamese to English with an accuracy equal to or superior to Google Translate in all tested cases. experience.

Hoang Hai Trung, founder of the startup Assist Vietnam, said: “ Capturing artificial intelligence technology is a very long way for Vietnamese engineers. This success, although only in a narrow field of legal language, proves that Vietnam can completely build its own AI technology within the next 10 years ”.

In addition to translation capabilities, the CONVILAW ​​website also provides users with a direct editing tool. Because the accuracy of Ai’s translation cannot reach 100%, legal documents will still contain many words that are mistranslated or have poor spelling.

To overcome, CONVILAW ​​provides users with a tool to compare the original and the translation for immediate editing, saving both the original presentation format, and preserving the accuracy of the regulations on regulatory documents. breaking the law.

Sử dụng trí tuệ nhân tạo, startup Việt phát triển công cụ dịch văn bản pháp luật CONVILAW, tốc độ dịch nhanh và độ chính xác cao - Ảnh 2.

Content frame for visual comparison. The process of translating Directive 17 on social distancing which is more than 7 pages long was translated in less than 2 minutes.

During the test, all administrative and legal contents were translated quickly and with relatively high accuracy. Startup Assist Vietnam believes that CONVILAW ​​responds well to translating news, documents, projects and programs of all ministries and agencies on the official portal.

At the present time, the Vietnam News Agency, the Law of Vietnam and the Law Library have tested the CONVILAW ​​tool. According to founder Hoang Hai Trung, CONVILAW ​​is no different from other artificial intelligence tools: the more they are used, the more data they will have to learn and improve themselves.

The time of integration will be when foreign businesses and corporations come to Vietnam, looking for a solid economic fulcrum.

Before you can start a relationship, the first steps of negotiation will need a series of legal documents and complicated administrative procedures. The translation tool will be an indispensable part to make the working process go smoothly. AI that translates CONVILAW ​​documents, created by Vietnamese people and translates Vietnamese legal documents, can become such a potentially useful tool.

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