“User-centric” strategy in Huawei smart office ecosystem

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Instead of launching each product, this year, Huawei “played big” when it introduced the entire ecosystem of smart office equipment: the flagship MateBook X Pro computer, the MateBook D16 laptop, the Mateview SE screen, the tablet. MatePad Pro 11, FreeBuds Pro 2 headset… at HUAWEI APAC 2022 (Thailand). The event once again affirms Huawei’s pioneering position in the technology industry with a series of innovative products in display quality and performance, connectivity and interaction, helping users optimize their creative work. and communicate.

Chiến lược “lấy người dùng làm trọng tâm” trong hệ sinh thái văn phòng thông minh Huawei - Ảnh 1.

Press conference to share Huawei’s strategy and vision in Bangkok

Strategies for constant innovation and “user-centered”

Huang JenHung (Huawei Consumer Business Group) said that an important factor in helping Huawei achieve this goal is seriously investing in R&D. In the past 3 years, despite constantly facing the problem of chip supply shortage and mobile software restrictions due to the US ban, Huawei has not reduced the scale of R&D because of that. Even in 2021, Huawei has increased its R&D investment to 21 billion USD, accounting for 22.4% of total revenue, the highest in the past 10 years.

Having spent on R&D, Huawei has reaped many technological achievements. Leading innovations that clearly demonstrate the “user-centric” strategy include: Ultra HD video processing technology with ultra-low latency for a better viewing experience; The True-Chroma imaging engine… provides a smooth photo and video experience. Huawei also continuously launches new breakthroughs in many key technology fields such as: Spatial computing, Spatial video, 3D image reconstruction to create immersive virtual reality experiences.

In the field of consumer electronics, Huawei is increasingly creating new smart experiences in the direction of “Super Device – Super Innovation”, meeting the needs of workplace digitization. Looking back at 6 years of PC innovation, it can be seen that Huawei has continuously played big when encroaching on the smart office segment. Starting from the invention of the fingerprint sensor power button in 2017 to the launch of the HUAWEI FullView screen and the Huawei Share feature to share files between PC and Smartphone in 2018, Huawei has continuously upgraded the hardware to the software. 2020, multi-screen collaboration is a big hit. By 2021, Huawei will continue to take PCs to the next level in cross-device collaboration with Super Device and “Pull-to-Connect” technology. In 2022, Huawei introduces more Smart Meeting Room solutions with AI Camera and AI Sound to elevate the online meeting experience.

Chiến lược “lấy người dùng làm trọng tâm” trong hệ sinh thái văn phòng thông minh Huawei - Ảnh 2.

At the “HUAWEI APAC 2022 Smart Office Equipment” event, luxury fashion designer Jimmy Choo shared many experiences when using Huawei’s phones, watches, laptops, and tablets in art creation. art, business management to life management. “Huawei has given me the wings of design ideas, making it easier to connect closely with family and groups around the world by providing all the necessary conveniences.”

Chiến lược “lấy người dùng làm trọng tâm” trong hệ sinh thái văn phòng thông minh Huawei - Ảnh 3.

Asia-Pacific (APAC) will be Huawei’s key market in the future

APAC Regional Marketing Vice President, Mr. Cheng Jiangfei highly appreciated the APAC market prospect in Huawei’s business. The company has witnessed strong growth in PC sales year over year in this market, showing that there is still great growth opportunity and growth potential. To strengthen its presence in the region, Huawei has worked closely with leading retailers and opened 23 new Huawei Experience stores that allow users to experience existing technologies.

Huawei believes that the future of office devices will no longer focus on PCs, but on user experience. Therefore, the company will constantly innovate to bring the vision of “Infinite Creation – Seamless Communication” closer to reality. Huawei prioritizes two core values ​​of cross-device collaboration and ecosystem integration by further improving AI technology for easy connection, smooth data sharing, multi-tasking on multiple devices. bag. From there, create a consistent experience, freeing users from complex and inefficient manual tasks, and maximizing creativity and communication.

In the Vietnamese market, Huawei launches a pre-order program for MateBook D16 priced at VND 23,990,000, MateBook 14 priced at VND 25,990,000 on Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, CellphoneS , Hoang Ha, Mobile Vietnam … and Huawei experience stores with special privileges up to VND 9.2 million: gift voucher for VND 500,000 discount, MatePad T 10 LTE, Huawei backpack and wireless mouse, free Office Home & Student 2021.

The Mateview SE screen was launched for VND 4,990,000, a discount of VND 200,000 and a free Huawei AX2 Wifi transmitter. Matepad tablet costs VND 7,490,000, offers an application package of VND 900,000 and chooses between 2 promotion modes: direct discount of VND 1.5 million or free keyboard worth VND 1,990,000 with a discount of VND 500,000 when booking in advance 12/8.

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