US officials asked the FBI to investigate the hot FaceApp application on social networks

Tram Ho

This application turns your face looking a few dozen years old, which is very hot on social networks.

FaceApp application is creating a new phenomenon on social networking sites. This is an editing application and an image filter, a new feature of FaceApp that has just been updated to allow you to transform your face a few years younger or older.

Young people showed great interest in this new feature, when trying to see what their faces look like in the next few decades. Not only the online community, but many celebrities also participated in this game, making FaceApp more and more popular.

Quan chức Mỹ yêu cầu FBI điều tra ứng dụng FaceApp đang hot trên mạng xã hội - Ảnh 1.

However, this application is said to be collecting user data, especially images stored in the device. A software developer has discovered the application FaceApp tries to upload all photos in its smartphone, even if he has not allowed it.

US officials were more concerned when they learned that FaceApp was developed by a Russian-based company. Senator Chuck Schumer sent a letter to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission, calling for an investigation aimed at FaceApp.

Quan chức Mỹ yêu cầu FBI điều tra ứng dụng FaceApp đang hot trên mạng xã hội - Ảnh 2.

Mr. Schumer also continues to ask FTC to consider the safeguards of government and military personnel, regarding the risks associated with using FaceApp and similar applications.

Wireless Lab, FaceApp development company also has an official response: “Although the core R&D team is located in Russia, user data is not transferred to Russia . Wireless Lab also confirmed that they did not sell or share user data with any other third party.

Besides, FaceApp explains that the application only uploads photos that users choose to edit. Storing the user’s entire image is temporary, to optimize processing speed and traffic. Most photos will be deleted from FaceApp’s server after 48 hours of uploading.

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