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Intel® Evo™ Platform– for stable multitasking

The Intel® Evo™ platform is the set of quality standards required on the world’s most advanced laptops. To achieve this certification, manufacturers must ensure that many requirements are met, from a minimum of 9 hours of battery life, fast charging, a slim-bezel Full HD display, new wireless connectivity to a compact and lightweight design, and like the powerful performance of 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and Iris Xe graphics.

ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED is a laptop model that fully meets the requirements of the Intel® Evo™ platform, even surpasses it. The machine is equipped with the latest 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor, integrated with Iris® Xe graphics processor, up to 16 GB RAM and high-speed SSD storage, up to 512 GB capacity. The CPU delivers enhanced AI experiences, including sound enhancement while offloading CPU to limit noise thanks to Intel GNA, 20% increase in office productivity, 2.7x increase in real-time photo editing, and 2x more for real-time photo editing. with video, so it’s great for content creators. When it comes to entertainment, the device configuration also allows you to play 1080p games with enhanced game performance up to 2 times compared to the previous generation.

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ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED is a laptop model that fully meets the requirements of the Intel® Evo™ platform.

With a powerful configuration, ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED also owns a 67 Wh battery, for up to 14 hours of continuous use, and supports high-speed charging, recharging up to 60% of the battery in just 49 minutes. More specifically, USB-C Easy Charge technology allows the use of various standard USB-C chargers to be able to charge anywhere.

Great viewing experience thanks to OLED

As a pioneer manufacturer in bringing OLED technology to laptops, ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED is sure to satisfy the most demanding customers in visual experience.

With independent self-illuminating pixels, OLED is capable of displaying absolute blacks, high contrast highlighting colors and small details even in night scenes. Covering 100% of the cinema-specific DCI-P3 color space, ZenBook Flip 13 OLED is not only a quality entertainment device, but also a powerful assistant for artistic work, with responsive speed. only 0.2ms, 50 times more than conventional LCD. What’s more, thanks to its natural light-emitting ability, OLED reduces harmful blue light by up to 70%, provides better eye protection, and keeps the color spectrum consistent and accurate at any brightness level.

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Experience premium visuals with high-quality OLED display and touch functionality.

ZenBook Flip 13 features touch on a high-quality OLED display, combined with the optional ASUS Pen for intuitive editing. ASUS Pen supports 4096 pressure levels, works smoothly on OLED touch screens and Windows Ink apps. Besides, the Ink Tools tool in Microsoft Office allows you to record handwriting, drawings, highlight notes or edit information very intuitively and quickly.

Slim, lightweight design

ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED has a slim and elegant design. Combining a NanoEdge display and a 360° ErgoLift swivel hinge, ZenBook Flip 13 OLED lets you work or relax in any mode: laptop, tent, folding or tablet. ErgoLift 360° hinge for smooth movement, holds the screen firmly at any angle, and “remarkable” durability with 20,000 open / close cycles.

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The machine is designed to be thin and light, convenient and can be used in all modes.

The keyboard part of the machine is optimally utilized free space with a series of function keys to support quick operation. LED-lit numeric keypad – ASUS NumberPad 2.0 is integrated into the touchpad, supporting faster spreadsheet input, especially easy to control the cursor on the trackpad thanks to intelligent software.

ASUS accompanies Intel® Evo™ Creators’ Virtual Roadshow with the theme of “Anti-epidemic optimism”

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“Optimism Against Epidemic” with Intel® Evo™ Creators’ Virtual Roadshow.

Intel® Evo™ Creators’ Virtual Roadshow with the theme “Optimism against the epidemic” features many famous artists and content creators to inspire young people with positive messages in the context present. Artists will receive a challenge from Intel® Vietnam and an Intel® Evo™-certified ASUS ZenBook Flip 13 OLED laptop to create positive content with the aim of inspiring and promoting optimism in the community. together to overcome the epidemic.

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