TikTok said that the Trump administration forgot about the ban on him, wanting to know what the future would be like

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TikTok has filed a petition to the US Court of Appeals, calling for a review of the Trump administration’s decision to ban the social network. The reason is because TikTok has not received a response for weeks, regarding the upcoming deadline for parent company ByteDance to sell off its US operations due to national security concerns.

The Trump administration’s Foreign Investment Commission has set a deadline of November 12, for TikTok to divest from “any tangible or intangible asset, anywhere, used to run or support supporting the operation of TikTok applications in the US ”.

TikTok nói rằng chính quyền ông Trump quên cả lệnh cấm đối với mình, muốn biết tương lai sẽ như thế nào - Ảnh 1.

TikTok said it has applied for an additional 30-day extension, but now is the last day of the deadline and the Investment Committee has yet to respond to any response on the matter. It seems the Trump administration’s Investment Committee has forgotten the ban on TikTok. It is also not clear what will happen after November 12.

A representative of TikTok replied to The Verge: “Over the past year, TikTok has actively cooperated with the Commission, in good faith, to address national security concerns, even when we disagree. agree with their reviews ”.

“In the nearly two months since President Donald Trump approved our preliminary proposal to address that concern, we have continued to come up with detailed solutions to finalize the deal, but have not accepted. get any feedback “.

“Faced with uncertainty about whether our solution will be approved, we asked for an additional 30-day extension. Today, with the November 12 deadline coming and no grace period, we have no choice but to file with the Court of Appeals, to protect our rights and our more than 1,500 employees. “.

ByteDance has agreed to sell part of its US business in a complex deal with Oracle and Walmart, approved by President Trump in September. But so far, the deal has not been finalized.

Reference: theverge

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