This extremely attractive jet suit will help you to roam in the sky like Iron Man in real life, with a speed of up to 400 km / h

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More than 10 years ago, when Tony Stark first created the Iron Man armor on the big screen, it seemed like a technology far removed from reality, a product of pure imagination. But now, the dream of hovering in the air in similar homemade costumes has become brighter than ever.

Recently, Jetman Dubai Company posted a video showing off the jet skirts made from extremely fine carbon fiber, helping us easily turn into Iron Man in a blink of an eye. Of course, don’t expect to press a button or two, the armor immediately surrounds your body like in the movie, but at least it helped the guy Vince Reffet pilot in the sky extremely comfortable. and safe.

Jetman Dubai’s new jet set hovered in the sky near Jumeirah Beach.

A representative of the company said that this special outfit can fly continuously to a maximum height of nearly 2km. In addition, its speed is also focused on development: Reaching an altitude of 100m in 8 seconds, 200m in 12 seconds, 500m in 19 seconds and 1000m in 30 seconds. The average speed in this video is 240.76 km / h, the maximum speed reaches 400 km / h.

This is not the first time Jetman Dubai has adopted an ambition to create an Iron Man style jet set. In May 2015, the company partnered with pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet to conduct a similar test. They even equipped a powerful logistics team, with a private aircraft operating instead of a flycam, capturing the entire journey of Yves in the sky over Dubai. Meanwhile, the outfit of Jetman Dubai only achieved a maximum speed of over 190 km / h only.

Five years ago, Vince Reffet and his partner Yves Rossy collaborated with Jetman Dubai in a similar test.

However, speed was not the only difference between the two armors. In the 2020 test, we can see that the pilot can easily hover at low altitude, before accelerating and rocketing into the air, just like Iron Man really. In the 2015 version, he flew to the sky by helicopter first, jumped down before he could activate his jet set.

In the video description, it stated: “ This is the first time a Jetman Dubai product allows users to fly low altitude safely and move up high without any outside assistance. With the extremely modern ground-based controller, it can reach a maximum speed of up to 400 km / h, navigate as well as fly around the prescribed route easily ”.

Bộ cánh phản lực cực xịn xò này sẽ giúp bạn vi vu trên bầu trời chẳng khác gì Iron Man đời thực, với tốc độ lên đến 400 km/h - Ảnh 3.

Jet version 2020 allows users to take off as soon as the ground, not need to climb the helicopter and jump down like before.

Besides Jetman Dubai, there are many companies, organizations and individuals interested in building a jet armor to help people move in the sky. In 2018, Richard Browning launched a similar product and was rated by WIRED as the world’s fastest personal jet suit, with a top speed of 136.9 km / h. ( Readers can find out more in this article ).

Obviously, compared to movies, the products of Jetman Dubai or Richard Browning are still quite limited, and it will certainly take a lot of time to research more to enter the mass production stage. But compared to more than 10 years ago, this is still a remarkable step forward in terms of technology, and also possesses a lot of potential for further development in the future. Who knows, in a few years, we will see a complete Iron Man armor, just fly easily, just integrated with artificial intelligence like in the MCU?

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