The US government declared TikTok not to cease operations

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According to a Wall Street Journal report, the US Commerce Department said there would be no order to force the video-sharing platform TikTok to shut down operations in the US, after the November 12 deadline ended. According to the ruling by a federal judge in Pennsylvania, the Commerce Department is likely to have exceeded its authority when it tried to ban the activities of the TikTok platform.

The US government has cited national security concerns. Do TikTok is owned by ByteDance, headquartered in China. But that doesn’t seem convincing enough, so the TikTok trading ban has been deactivated and will have to wait until the legal situation progresses.

Chính phủ Mỹ tuyên bố TikTok không phải ngừng hoạt động - Ảnh 1.

Judge Wendy Beetlestone said: “Short videos created and shared on TikTok convey emotions and information, just like movies, artwork, photos or other news sources.”

A ban on downloading the TikTok app, which was issued by the US Department of Commerce on September 27, has also been disabled.

The US Government Foreign Investment Commission has set a deadline for TikTok to be November 12, to divest itself from “any tangible or intangible asset, anywhere, used for operating or supporting ByteDance operations for TikTok applications in the US market ”.

ByteDance has agreed to sell part of its US operations to Oracle and Walmart, approved by President Trump in early September. But the deal has not been approved by the Chinese government, so far it has not. can be completed. TikTok had to file an appeal to the court of appeals, as the US government did not respond when the deadline was near.

Reference: theverge

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