The third “World War” between programming language believers

Obviously, when you are familiar with or love a programming language, you will always assume that the programming language is the best. When you love, the language you love is the best! A bigotry love does not care if your favorite programming language is missing, causing the "war" debate between developers to not end.

Why did the war happen?

Everyone knows, each type of programming language has advantages, disadvantages as well as different purposes. However, for the believers of the programming language, the language you are using must be the best that can solve all problems. So when the language I love is disparaged, it leads to the faction of the languages ​​being equally attacking as the "Kpop" fans, football. Typically, Python and Java , Java and Ruby, or most recently Objective-C and Swift, "the same mother".

If Oracle's Java is the 2nd most popular in the world and is one of the languages ​​with the longest standing in the programming world. It is an "ancient language" for web development. This is the right choice for you, because the Java language is used for writing web-based, Windows-based, Android-based, or almost any other operating system, it is the foundation core so you can switch to another language.

TopDev Techtalk: Swift Tutotial Day .

Time: 08:00 – 17:00 on September 10, 2016

Location: Hoa Sen University, 08 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1, Tp. HCM


In Python, it is the perfect dessert for programmers who are "wet feet" in the programming world. Over the years of constant changes to perfection, Python became popular after Java, C and C ++. This is open source and free to use, even for commercial applications. Python requires less time, less code, and requires less concepts to learn to achieve a more defined purpose. Thanks to being used extensively in popular Python applications, it is becoming more and more widely known.


JavaScript : the top choice of web programmers. Currently JavaScript can be considered the most backed-up language supported by most web browsers. Because of the numerous frameworks that come with it, now and in the future, it's still possible
Warm welcome. Finally, JavaScript creates a diverse ecosystem with millions of millions of Javascript platforms and libraries built and provided free (and costly) for us to use. If you want to find the way to professional programming, then JavaScript is your niche.

Rookie Swift , hidden threat!

Over the last two years, Swift has appeared as a new breeze in programming languages ​​because of its many features. Described about Swift's growth as "unprecedented". When 7 months after its first launch, it climbed to position 22 out of hundreds of existing programming languages. Swift is being invested by Apple, developing the best features possible. For a while when "enough feathers are enough", Swift will be the successor language of Objective-C.

As Apple is committed, Swift not only makes it easier to write applications, but the application itself runs faster. By WWDC 2016 , Swift 3 was released with significant improvements. We will enjoy impressive graphics and game products. Simplified code lines are also one of the reasons many young programmers choose, rather than struggling with the long lines of Objective-C code.

As the youngest of the senior family of programming languages, with what has been done, in the coming time, Swift will have important steps to catch the new wind. Swift will definitely be a risky choice for developers who want to make a difference in the future.

The nature is simply that

Most people have decided to follow a programming language, programmers will invest a lot of time and effort to study that language. Programmers always want to choose a language that brings many opportunities in their work with income levels that match their skills. Meanwhile, another part wants to challenge yourself, being attracted by the novelty, the challenge of learning a new programming language and all its disadvantages. But most people are afraid to spend time exploring new things when they are familiar with what they have been doing.

Keep an objective view of the programming language instead of protecting your views all day long. Notice the products they make and use their knowledge to share with others in their new perspective. Finally, learn to learn a new language, maybe you will find something that you always criticize is interesting.

What do you choose?

Are you a person who likes to cope with challenges? If you are still confused about the new road with "Potential language" Swift , then go to "Tutor" who has been the leader of iOS team at PayPal and SAP, he was also the author of some tutorials on It is the Subhransu Behera , he used to be the Mobile Lead position in Paypal and is currently working at Singapore Powers, who will accompany you in TopDev Techtalk: Swift Tutotial Day .


Not only can you share all the problems about Playground, Xcode or Storyboard, but also many other interesting topics, you have a day to enjoy. Not yet, every area of ​​the workshop, you are also strengthening Swift knowledge that has just been discussed by Subh to build some simple applications. With more advanced activities, participants can build a main application and apply the knowledge learned there.

Convinced, with my experience on the battlefield for many years Subh will bring you a unique workshop on your new journey of discovery.   

Time: 08:00 – 17:00 on September 10, 2016

Location: Hoa Sen University, 08 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1, Tp. HCM

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