The technology giants will be investigated by the US government

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The US Department of Justice (DOJ) will consider whether Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon … violate antitrust laws and specific violations.

DOJ is said to be investigating whether online platforms related to “search, social networks and some online retail services” violate competition laws and harm users. Although not mentioned specifically, analysts believe that the names that DOJ is targeting are Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon.

Reuters pointed out that the behaviors will be concentrated in the investigation of these companies:


The US Department of Justice plans to focus on allegations that Google harms competitors when prioritizing the display of services and products developed by Google in search results. In addition, the US Internet company is also being examined for all business activities, including advertising activities and Android mobile platforms.

Google also faces criticism when taking advantage of the dominance in online advertising. The European Union also fined Google $ 5 billion in 2018, requiring it to stop using the Android platform to prevent competitors. European authorities believe that Google has illegally acted as forcing Android device manufacturers to pre-install a series of Google applications on the device and not pre-install rival applications. Google promises on the blog that it will ensure Android users know they have other application options to download to the device.

In addition, many US Republican MPs criticize Google and technology companies for “taking advantage of their power to censor and favor political content.”


Facebook also faces many monopoly accusations when it owns up to 2.41 billion monthly users, or one-third of the world’s population.

In 2012, Facebook bought an Instagram photo sharing app – one of Facebook’s competitors at the time. By 2014, they bought another competitor, WhatsApp messaging platform. In May, Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, said the social network was out of Mark Zuckerberg’s control and it was time to separate Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp for easier management.

Facebook is also accused of copying the feature of Stories by rival Snapchat.


In the US, half of online shopping transactions take place on Amazon. This e-commerce system is accused of forcing third-party vendors on the platform. These people have to pay for advertising to compete with first-party dealers or with Amazon-labeled items.

Earlier, the European Union also launched an investigation before questioning Amazon’s storage and use of business companies’ data on their platform to understand customer information, thereby creating edge products. paintings.


Information about the US antitrust investigation for technology firms has appeared since June and then, Tim Cook, Apple CEO said that they are not monopoly because its market share is very modest, no dominate in any market.

However, the “monopoly” here is not necessarily tied to iPhone sales. Last month, two iOS developers applied to the San Jose, California (US) court, alleging that Apple was forced to distribute and charge applications. In order for your application to be browsed, developers have to pay $ 99 annually and share 30% of app revenue for Apple.

The European Union has also received a complaint from Spotify music service that Apple has collected 30% of revenue from developers. Spotify is forced to raise their service prices on the App Store to ensure profitability, which means Apple Music’s higher subscription fees on the app store.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of the US state of Massachusetts says that Apple should not open a market (say AppStore) and then sell its items on its own.

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Source : ITZone via VNExpress