The reason you should invest in an UltraWide widescreen computer monitor

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A 32-inch LG UltraWide 32UL950 screen model

UltraWide is not the trend, it is the multitasking trend

Nowadays, regardless of job, most jobs always require people to work “multitasking” on many different windows, software and many different applications. Not to mention jobs related to online interactive activities, teamwork, presentations … or online learning activities are increasingly exploding. Therefore, you need an ultra-wide but seamless screen like LG UltraWide 32UL950 or 38WN950 to perform parallel tasks instead of constantly switching with the Alt + Tab hotkey or being distracted by having to look at the same time. 2 screens placed side by side.

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LG’s UltraWide 38WN95C monitor increases work efficiency when multiple tasks can be done on the screen at the same time.

Today many manufacturers of UltraWide screens, but LG is the first company in the world to bring the UltraWide 21: 9 design to consumers in 2012. Since then, LG has continuously raised the bar and launched many Impressive UltraWide screen model. Currently LG’s 29WN600, 32UL950, 34WK95C, 35WN75C or 38WN95C are the leading UltraWide monitors on the market in a variety of sizes, including flat and curved screens.

The Ultra 38WN95C model is one of the typical curved screen models, the curvature of the 38WN95C model matches the curvature of the human eye so no matter how many inches, nothing is out of your eye.

UltraWide supports increasing work efficiency

The comparison of work efficiency between UltraWide monitors and conventional monitors shows that UltraWide helps get work done 52% faster, reducing 90% of the time spent managing windows. Thus, UltraWide increases overall productivity from 30% -50%.

LG’s UltraWide lines are designed in a borderless language, using an IPS or Nano IPS panel that combines HDR standard with a resolution from Full HD to QHD, UHD not only provides a large screen but a screen. big sharp, vivid. You won’t even need to zoom in or constantly move the scroll bar to see all displayed content. This saves time while ensuring the accuracy in each click.

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The codes on the electronic board will be clearer and more comprehensive on the LG 35WN75C screen

LG UltraWide also significantly reduces common errors in calculation, reading and word processing thanks to its higher visibility than conventional screens. In particular, when working from home, meeting or studying online that requires you to watch the video screen while processing text, there is no better choice than UltraWide.

For design folks alone, there’s no better option than an UltraWide monitor with a very high sRGB. Depending on the screen, it can reach 99%, very low color deviation while 10-bit color depth, equivalent to 1.07 billion colors.

LG UltraWides are also the hub for fast USB Type-C transfers to help you transfer files, photos and videos, and support charging multiple laptops with up to 94W of power. With a Mac, you can also break the connection barrier over a single cable.

UltraWide protects the health of users

The LG UltraWide display features anti-flicker technology and a reading mode. With anti-flash technology, flashes that are harmful to the eyes but not visible to the naked eye are minimized. As for the reading mode, the color temperature on the screen is similar to the paper color, helping to reduce harmful blue light, protecting the eyes for a long time.

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UltraWide line stand system with One-Click quick-joint allows flexible adjustment of the monitor’s position on height and tilt to protect your health when you sit for too long and optimize any workspace. Entertainment.

UltraWide, not only increases productivity but also delivers the ultimate entertainment experience

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If you are a gamer or a gamer or a gamer, the LG UltraWide monitors are also great for high refresh rates, many models up to 144Hz come with 1ms response speed. Many LG UltraWide models also incorporate Dynamic Action Sync, G-Sync®, AMD FreeSync ™ technology for smooth high-speed motion, reduced stuttering, and tearing. Not to mention there is Crosshair – the secret to shooting encyclopedia for shooters.

Now that you believe 1 UltraWide is ‘good’ for both work and entertainment and worth owning?

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