The reason Sony BRAVIA TVs conquer professional filmmakers

Tram Ho

It can be said that Sony is one of the brands that fully contribute in every film production process. Films shot with Sony camcorders, post-processed with Sony Vega Pro application using a Sony OLED monitor reference screen, taken by Sony Picture and distributed to users on BRAVIAs.

Lý do TV Sony BRAVIA chinh phục được những nhà làm phim chuyên nghiệp - Ảnh 1.

State-of-the-art technology enables BRAVIA TVs to ensure filmmakers’ original creativity is accurately reproduced from picture to sound (Sony X9500H & Speakers HT-G700).

Not only is the uniformity between the stages, but Sony also understands how to create the closest frames to the original, conveying images and sound according to the director’s intentions to the audience. Because of that, the BRAVIA TV series has conquered professional filmmakers, who are always judged to have difficult ears and eyes.

Respect honesty

When creating BRAVIA TVs, the engineers at Sony were aiming to accurately convey every picture and sound in movies. In fact, in order to switch from movie to TV, the content will be compressed, resulting in reduced picture quality. Overcoming this challenge, Sony equips its TV line with the X1 Ultimate processor to minimize quality loss.

Lý do TV Sony BRAVIA chinh phục được những nhà làm phim chuyên nghiệp - Ảnh 2.

Director Nhu Dang was surprised with the natural, true image inherent in a larger screen area than the dedicated monitor of the Sony A8H.

Each signal is restored to its original quality, while the picture is fine-tuned for BRAVIA TV’s outstanding visibility and realism. This technology is equipped by Sony for the top lines such as Z8H, A9S, A8H, X9500H. In addition, Netflix Calibrated Mode and Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos technology will ensure that the original creations of filmmakers will be reproduced with utmost precision.

Harness the essence of OLED

OLED panels are considered the “best” material to create today’s top-notch TVs. But to make the most of this technology, Sony has included its proprietary technologies that on the A8H are the first model to support X-Motion Clarity on OLED TV, helping to upgrade the ability to handle smooth frames. High speed while maintaining image sharpness.

Natural colors on OLED combine with Pixel Contrast Booster technology to improve color contrast even in high-brightness backgrounds. As a result, black becomes purer, brightness is pushed to the maximum, images are true and details are kept intact in areas with large contrast differences.

Director Dinh Tuan Vu experienced his work “The Legend of Quan Tien” on Sony BRAVIA A8H with his wife and son. “The majestic scenery of the lush forests and the lagging mountains at the very beginning of the film is faithfully reproduced. The wife smiles very brightly and the son always says” Woa woa !!! “. In the night in the cave, especially the ones with strong contrast, A8H really makes me satisfied by the depth of the dark parts, “he commented.

Lý do TV Sony BRAVIA chinh phục được những nhà làm phim chuyên nghiệp - Ảnh 3.

With Sony A8H, director Dinh Tuan Vu feels like he is “watching at the theater” his movie.

Optimize your experience with sound and app store

The sound on regular TVs with the speakers below the screen often doesn’t match the picture. Sony solves this problem with Acoustic Surface Audio, in which the screen will be the speaker itself. An actuator behind the screen vibrates slightly to produce sound, so what appears to match the image being projected.

The strength in BRAVIA TVs is also a rich content store thanks to the inheritance of the Android TV platform developed by Google. Especially the above applications are suitable for Vietnamese people such as FPT Play, Galaxy Play, VietOn, VTV Cab On or Clip TV … In addition, users can also explore interesting and entertaining games. family on Sony TV.

From now to February 14, 2021, customers who buy some Sony BRAVIA TVs will be able to participate in the program “Spring Loc in the beginning of the year” with direct red packets of 500,000 VND. Particularly models 85Z8H, 75Z9F, OLED, 85X9500G, 85X9000H, X7400H will receive an additional 1 year warranty, increasing the total warranty period for these products to 3 years.

In addition, customers can enjoy up to 12 months of free special copyrighted content through applications such as FPT Play, VieON, GalaxyPlay, ClipTV, VTV Cab On, and at the same time can purchase sound systems with preferential rates. concessions up to 40%. In particular, customers will own high-end Sony 5.1 sound bar with a preferential price of only VND 2.99 million, applied when buying some Sony BRAVIA TVs.

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