The Ministry of Information and Communications “requires telecommunications businesses to expand the Internet bandwidth capacity for distance learning and work

Tram Ho

The Ministry of Information and Communications has just sent a written request to telecommunications businesses to ensure communication and quality of telecommunications services in the prevention and control of Covid – 19.

During the time of the Covid-19 epidemic, ensuring smooth communication, especially ensuring the quality of Internet services, played an important role in the direction, administration and prevention of epidemics. of governments at all levels, as well as ensuring the information, learning, distance working, entertainment and online services … of people, organizations and businesses. Therefore, the Ministry of Information and Communications requests telecommunications businesses to build, review, update and put into operation network operations to ensure smooth communication for the direction and administration of the department. disease prevention and telecommunications service quality in all situations of the Covid-19 epidemic.

When formulating plans, the Ministry of Information and Communications noted some specific issues for enterprises such as: organizing to work according to the principles of human reserve, backup working places when isolated, ensuring logistics at 24-hour technical standing place, deployment situations when some or more stations, stations and areas are isolated.

The Ministry of Information and Communications also requires telecommunications businesses to expand the capacity of Internet connection bandwidth, improve the quality of telecommunications services, especially those for online work, teaching and distance learning.

Enterprises must review and reorganize backup equipment, mobile broadcast vehicles, backup transmission plans, set up technical teams and groups ready to handle incidents and rescue information. and deploy to expand the network to meet the arising demand for telecommunications services of agencies, organizations, businesses and people, especially in epidemic areas and concentrated isolation areas.

During the time of social isolation, under the Government’s direction, to minimize direct contact, enhance indirect transactions with customers with technological solutions and appropriate guidance forms. customers to make optimal use of telecommunications services.

In addition, mutual assistance and assistance between telecom enterprises in the same area must be provided when necessary to ensure communication and service quality in all situations.

In the directing document sent, the Ministry of Information and Communications requires businesses to strictly conduct and direct the Government’s Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, the National Steering Committee on the prevention of acute respiratory infections caused by a new strain of Corona virus. Along with that, businesses must develop a plan to ensure maximum safety for officials, employees, workers in general and network operators, troubleshooting and information rescue in particular.

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Source : Techtalk