The light of the good income: Get more than 40 million per month, in return for recording 24/7 all activities of the day

Tram Ho

Today, online data has become a source of profit for many technology giants around the world. Meanwhile, an information technology company in Japan believes that real data can be equally profitable online data. As a result, they are willing to pay people to get videos of everyday life.

In late November 2019, Tokyo-based announced in the media about a controversial project called Project Exograph. In a public way, has conducted a call for people to participate in a social experiment.

Việc nhẹ thu nhập tốt: Nhận hơn 40 triệu đồng mỗi tháng, đổi lại bị ghi hình 24/7 tất cả sinh hoạt trong ngày - Ảnh 1.

Project participants will be paid for 1 month back to the scene at home.

Participants will have to agree to have the camera installed in the living room, bathroom, dressing area, kitchen and other places in the house for about a month continuously.

At the end of the experiment, the recorded videos will be edited so that no one can identify the main character's identity. After the necessary security handling steps, the videos are sent to many different companies to analyze the monetization directions from this data source. It may seem crazy at first, but hundreds of people have signed up to participate in the Project Exograph project so far.

Initially, planned to pay participants 133,000 yen (approximately 28 million VND) each. The payment is equivalent to the livelihood support payment that a person in their 30s living in Tokyo receives. This means that the company encourages participants not to go to work during the trial month, but just to stay at home to record the living scene.

Việc nhẹ thu nhập tốt: Nhận hơn 40 triệu đồng mỗi tháng, đổi lại bị ghi hình 24/7 tất cả sinh hoạt trong ngày - Ảnh 2.

There will be a lot of small details in daily life that are analyzed for use for many different purposes.

The amount was then increased to 200 thousand yen (42 million VND) per person. Half a month after the announcement, the project received more than 500 applications for filming that lasted for a month. Most of the subscribers are in difficult situation, needing to earn extra income. However, very poor households are also not eligible to participate.

The male / female ratio among the candidates is 4 in 1, with the majority of them aged between 20 and 30. Men feel more comfortable than women in installing cameras at home. When asked why they signed up for the test, 40% of the candidates said they did it because the payment was good. While others say they just want to contribute to society.

After increasing interest in the Project Exograph project, plans to increase the number of participants even more. If the project is successful, it will prove its value and safety in real data business. This is a new step compared to the online data business that has been done for years.

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