The image of Hai Phong city in the year 2100 according to ChatGPT’s imagination

Tram Ho

Hình ảnh thành phố Hải Phòng vào năm 2100 theo tưởng tượng của ChatGPT - Ảnh 1.

*The information in the article is taken from the answer of AI and is for reference only.

When asked to describe the city of Hai Phong in 2100, ChatGPT said that this locality will become an economic, cultural, educational and industrial development center of the Northeast region of Vietnam. The city will continue to expand urban areas and develop modern urban areas with high-rise buildings, public works and utilities to meet the increasing needs of the population.

In the economic field, Hai Phong city will become an important commercial, service, industrial and logistics center of the Northeast region of Vietnam. Hai Phong will continue to promote investment in processing, manufacturing, renewable energy and high-tech industries to enhance competitiveness and attract investment from domestic and foreign enterprises.

The city’s transport system will also be improved with major investments in roads, railways and airways to connect the city with other areas at home and abroad. The city will also promote the development of public transport such as buses, subways and urban railways to reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution.

“The city will promote renewable energy activities and reduce emissions to minimize the impact of business and production activities on the environment,” the chatbot commented.

In the field of security and safety, Hai Phong city will come up with policies and solutions to ensure security and order, fight crime, strengthen urban management and ensure safety for residents. The city will also strengthen its early warning, disaster and accident prevention systems to minimize damage to residents and property.

According to ChatGPT, by 2100, Hai Phong city will become an economic, cultural and educational center with great development.

“Overall, the future of Hai Phong City in 2100 will depend on many factors, including economic, political, social and environmental trends. However, by prioritizing sustainability and Innovating, the city can position itself as a leader in the region and create a bright future for its residents,” the chatbot replied.

According to the description of ChatGPT, Hai Phong has large, long bridges in the city. In addition, modern high-rise houses are also built near the riverbank with a dense population.

The image of Hai Phong in 2100 drawn by Deep Dream painting tool according to the description of ChatGPT chatbot:

Hình ảnh thành phố Hải Phòng vào năm 2100 theo tưởng tượng của ChatGPT - Ảnh 2.

Hình ảnh thành phố Hải Phòng vào năm 2100 theo tưởng tượng của ChatGPT - Ảnh 3.

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