The giants in the semiconductor industry are in shock before Tesla’s new plan

Tram Ho

During Tesla’s investment conference on March 1, professor Colin Campbell revealed the company’s latest plan: Tesla intends to minimize the cost of the operating system of the vehicles, but still Guaranteed performance and energy.

Even now, SiC chips are still playing a key role in electric vehicles, but the cost is very expensive. So we found a solution that can save up to 75% but still guarantee all the features of the car .”

After the speech, the shares of semiconductor companies immediately went downhill. ON Semiconductor and ST Microelectronics fell 2%, Wolfspeed fell 7%. The deepest level is MP Materials, 11%.

Các ông lớn ngành bán dẫn điêu đứng trước dự định mới của Tesla - Ảnh 1.

Although the plan and Tesla revealed only at a fairly vague level, with no specific time or data on the above solution, all other information on social networking sites is due to analysts’ speculation. guess and evaluate. But that is enough to make the giants in the semiconductor industry reel.

Tesla’s plan may be good, but it’s still too early to execute, according to Bank of America analysts. However, many experts say, ” Tesla’s plan is more likely to storm the top faces in the semiconductor industry thanks to the important factor – low cost .”

Besides, experts of New Street Research shared, “ The solution could be a combination of two lines of Si and SiC chips. That is, both chips work at the same time during vehicle acceleration. But existing models such as S, X, 3, Y or mid-range cars and below will not be able to apply this new technology .”

The company added, ” We don’t think Tesla will immediately go ahead with the plan before 2025.

Tesla’s statements have shaken the entire electric vehicle industry. According to the big man in the market, Yole, many electric car manufacturers from large to small are gradually paying more attention to the supply of SiC chips.

The SiC supply chain in the near future is likely to experience more unpredictable fluctuations than ever before.

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Source : Genk