The Forum focuses on notorious social networking hackers who have been hacked by other hackers

Tram Ho

OGUSERS is an extremely popular forum because it is a place to gather hackers to exchange and sell social networking accounts like Instagram and Twitter that they steal. However, despite the gathering of hackers, this forum is still hacked.

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This information was obtained when the administrator of this forum with the nickname Ace posted a message on Tuesday last week, saying that someone had access to the server via a custom plug in the forum software to from that account gain access to data backups from December 26, 2018.

According to surveys of Motherboard sites, members of OGUSERS, also known as OGU, are hackers who attack and capture accounts on social networking sites like Instagram or Twitter. The technique that hackers now use is SIM Swapping to hack the victim’s phone number and then reset the password to gain control of the accounts. Then the information and accounts captured will be auctioned to those in need.

However, after this forum was hacked, its database was posted on another forum called Radiforums. Data includes OGUSERS member accounts, passwords that are hashed by MD5 algorithm, email, IP address, web source code and secret messages. With these data, it seems that the notorious forum will be hard to recover simultaneously the identity of the OGU will be difficult to be preserved.

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Source : TECHRUM