The first robot lawyer to defend a human in court

Tram Ho

For most individuals, hiring an attorney to represent them in court is always an expensive investment. So what if there was an AI-powered “lawyer” who could represent anyone?

It sounds weird, but it’s happening in the US next month.

Robot luật sư đầu tiên bào chữa cho con người trước toà - Ảnh 1.

According to New Scientist magazine, during the trial to be held in the US in February 2023, an AI “lawyer robot” developed by DoNotPay Company will defend the defendant. The AI ​​running on the smartphone will “listen” to the court proceedings in real time before instructing the defendant what to say through the headset.

AI will focus on analyzing the arguments in the courtroom rather than responding to the entire statement made in court.

DoNotPay remains silent about the location of the trial as well as the identity of the defendant.

The New York Post reported that the defendant had to appear in court on charges of “violating traffic laws”. DoNotPay claims to pay a traffic fine if the defendant loses the case.

A computer scientist at Stanford University named Joshua Browder founded DoNotPay in California – USA in 2015. To save money for defendants, Mr. Browder wants his app to completely replace lawyers.

Mr Browder’s company claims that “the DoNotPay app is the home of the world’s first robot lawyer that can fight corporations, beat bureaucracy and sue anyone with the touch of a button.” .

“We are trying to minimize our liability. It is not good if it (the lawyer robot) distorts the truth and uses many tricks,” – the DoNotPay founder shared.

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