The best 5 HTML5 Player libraries you should know

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Currently, as everyone knows, with HTML5 , it is extremely simple to play Video or Audio on browsers, however in large applications, the use of support libraries makes the programmers reduce the load. The amount of code goes a lot. However, the number of HTML5 Player libraries is very large, to find a good and suitable library for your application is more or less consuming. Therefore, in this article, I will introduce to you a number of the Player Library that I find best.

1. Plyr

This is a fairly simple library to use, easily accessible and customizable. Plyr quite popular for beginners as well as longtime developers because of its compact design but it handles very smoothly, even for large-sized videos. It supports both HTML5 Video , HTML5 Audio , Youtue and Vimeo .

Some advantages of Plyr :

  • Full support for screen readers and subtitles.
  • Highly customizable platform allows users to change the look of their choice.
  • Support responsive for any screen size.
  • Support keyboard shortcuts for Player control.
  • Support hls.js , Shaka and dash.js for streaming video and audio .
  • Multi-language support ( i18n )
  • ….

This is the savior in my project, I personally like Plyr because it’s extremely easy to use as well as its flexible customization capabilities. Plyr also supports some Frontend Frameworks such as VueJs , ReactJs , Angular , ..

2. Video.js

This is a popular Video player library, it currently has more than 25k stars on Github, very suitable for those who like Video designed from HTML5. It has been released since 2010 and currently serves over 400,000 different websites. Video.js follows Flash Video and HTML5 Video protocols, it also supports both Vimeo and Youtube .

Some advantages of Video.jS :

  • Simple, easy to install and set up.
  • Easily customize the player interface because it is built with CSS and HTML.
  • Support playback mode (Playback) on computers and phones.
  • With many advanced plugins that support easy communication and social platforms.
  • Support multiple video formats.

If your application is only about video processing, this is a great player. However, if your application still needs to handle Audio, Video.js not very suitable, because Video.js does not support Audio strongly.

3. jPlayer

This is an open source, free and written library in JavaScript . jPlayer is basically a jQuery plugins that allows you to project multi-platform video and audio quickly into the Website application. jPlayer offers a comprehensive Api suite that lets you get creative, and jPlayer also has a strong support community.

Some advantages of jPlayer :

  • Easy to start and deploy in just a few minutes.
  • The size is very light – only about 14Kb.
  • Multi-platform support, multi-browser, ..
  • Support API and interface appropriate in all browsers, HTML5 or Adobe® Flash ™.
  • The documentation is fully provided and the support community is quite robust.
  • Support to create Playlist function (Playlist).
  • ….

This is a library I like second after Plyr because of its good customization and its excellent Playlist creation function.

4. Afterglowplayer

This is a HTML5 Video Player library, one of the extremely easy-to-use and integrated libraries. Initializing Afterglowplayer extremely simple, it can convert ordinary HTML5 Video elements into full-featured video players.

Some advantages of Afterglowplayer :

  • Easy to install, create and use.
  • Works well as well as responsive support on most browsers and devices.
  • Support playing videos stored on Youtube or Vimeo just by providing a video ID.
  • Support the function of changing video quality (SD / HD) easily.
  • Support multiple video formats.
  • ….

Like Video.js , Afterglowplayer is a library that is prone to video processing. If you are looking for a Player that requires high responsiveness, Afterglowplayer is a great choice for you, because the Afterglowplayer interface is designed quite well, and using Afterglowplayer also extremely easy.

5. Mediaelement.js

This is the Video library, Audio Player enhanced based on HTML5 . Instead of providing HTML5 Player for new browsers and Flash Player for older browsers, Mediaelement.js provides an upgrade with custom Flash and Silverlight plugins , like the HTML5 MediaElement API for programming. Both old and new browsers can use the same interface.

Some advantages of Mediaelement.js :

  • Built on pure CSS and HTML, it’s easy to customize.
  • Support creating Playlist function with full function keys.
  • Support video and audio streaming with HLS
  • Support the function of creating subtitles for videos.
  • … ..

This is also a bad choice for your application. A small minus point of this library is that the documentation it provides is not very clear.

In addition, you can see some other HTML5 Player like:


Through this article, I have selected and introduced to you 5 HTML5 Player libraries that I feel are best for applications. Hopefully, through what you share, you can find the HTML5 Player library suitable for your application.

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