The 10 most used passwords by Vietnamese people in 2021

Tram Ho

According to research by NordPass, the world’s most commonly used password is still “123456” at the top in 43 of the 50 countries studied. Without exception, this password is also ranked first in Vietnam.

The 10 most used passwords by Vietnamese people in 2021:

10 mật khẩu người Việt dùng nhiều nhất năm 2021 - Ảnh 1.

Besides the Rank (Rank) and Password (Password), there are 2 components that readers need to pay attention to: Time to crack it and Count. Specifically, the cracking time is the illustrative time that a hacker can crack that password, the passwords that are set according to the rules will have a faster cracking time than the randomly set passwords. Meanwhile, the count refers to the number of times the password is used.

In particular, in the list of 200 popular passwords in Vietnam, many passwords “full of love” such as anhyeuem, maiyeuem, anhnhoem also appear.

The list of popular passwords in Vietnam and most countries in the world is almost the same, only different in ranking order. This shows that many users are indifferent to security issues.

According to Jonas Karklys, CEO of NordPass: “Passwords are the door that opens the digital life, especially in the context that people spend more and more time in cyberspace, so special attention must be paid to cyber security.”

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Source : Genk