Thank goodness, the iPhone and MacBook are thicker and that’s a good thing for us

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Apple is changing its design philosophy when it wants to give users what they want: functionality rather than shape. Instead of being as thin as possible, Apple has started making thicker products, typically with two examples: this year’s iPhone and the newly launched 16-inch MacBook Pro.

It seems that these design philosophy changes have begun to take place after the legendary former design director of Apple, Jony Ive. Despite being famous for making elegant, beautiful products, like what people have seen on the keyboards of the MacBook series launched in recent years: they are too fragile in exchange for thinning the MacBook. a few millimeters. That is the shape-trading philosophy of functionality.

(According to Bloomberg, another example of this philosophy is that Ive put a lot of glass in Apple’s new headquarters. While it made the space brighter, it also made more people crash into windows and doors. ).

Ơn giời, iPhone, MacBook dày hơn rồi và đó là điều rất tốt cho chúng ta - Ảnh 1.

This year’s iPhone 11 Pro is 0.4mm thicker than last year’s iPhone XS.

Not only is the butterfly keyboard on the MacBook, even the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AirPods launched in recent years have had Jony Ive’s intervention on it. They are still very nice and delicate, but sometimes certain parts of these products seem to fail because they are designed so thin.

For example, with the iPhone 8 – the smartphone is only 7.3mm thick. It’s typical of Apple’s obsession with designing things as thin as possible. It is so thin that it has to trade with the battery life of the device. But with this year’s iPhone, things have changed.

Apple focused more on battery life when it knew it was one of the top requirements of users from their smartphone (besides the camera). In addition to the bigger battery, this year’s iPhone 11 is also a bit stouter at a thickness of 8.1mm (iPhone XS Max is only 7.7mm thick). It is a rare sign that Apple knows that users are willing to sacrifice device thickness so that they can be used throughout the day.

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro launched on Wednesday also showed similar changes in Apple’s design.

Ơn giời, iPhone, MacBook dày hơn rồi và đó là điều rất tốt cho chúng ta - Ảnh 2.

The key travel on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro is 1mm longer than its predecessor.

It’s a little thicker (less than 1mm), and almost 10% heavier (4.3 pounds with 4 pounds) than the 15-inch MacBook Pro it replaces. Its overall size is also about 2% larger than the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

In turn, this has helped users get what they want from the new MacBook Pro: a keyboard that you can actually type and just use, instead of having to press on an almost flat surface. with too short key stroke. Moreover, the new keyboard can also eliminate the risk of dust falling under the keys and jamming keys like those who unfortunately have encountered the butterfly keyboard.

Apple is also focusing more on battery life on new laptops. With the largest battery ever on a MacBook, up to 100Wh. Usage time will be one hour longer than last year’s version and full charge takes only 2.5 hours. It is the larger chassis that makes the new MacBook more space for its battery.

Ơn giời, iPhone, MacBook dày hơn rồi và đó là điều rất tốt cho chúng ta - Ảnh 3.

Ive may still contribute to these designs by the end of this year, when he just left Apple and the product design process usually takes a long time. But without Ive, it’s clear that the company’s design team has been freer in making thicker products than before.

A lot of people used to worry that Apple might lose itself when Ive left. But perhaps when Ive no longer works directly with Apple (Ive’s new design firm continues to advise the company), the design department will have more freedom to put functionality above the design and bring it to life. give users what they need for their work: a good keyboard and longer battery life.

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