Tesla ‘spreads roses’ for electric cars: Is it true that VinFast will sit cool and eat a bowl of gold?

Tram Ho

It is only a short time until VinFast has an official launch in the world market. These are in North America (including the US and Canada) and Europe (including Germany, France and the Netherlands).

When VinFast has not released too much official and specific information about its plan to operate in the most important market – North America – there has been a lot of good news for the electric vehicle industry in the US.

Tesla trải hoa hồng cho xe điện: Có thật VinFast sẽ ngồi mát ăn bát vàng? - Ảnh 1.

Volkswagen station charging station. Photo: Electrek

Recently, car giant Volkswagen Group announced plans to build nearly 2,000 charging stations with about 10,000 charging ports across the North American market. Notably, these charging stations are all public charging stations, serving different car manufacturers and do not give priority to any company.

Tesla trải hoa hồng cho xe điện: Có thật VinFast sẽ ngồi mát ăn bát vàng? - Ảnh 2.

Seemingly not to be outdone, Tesla CEO billionaire Elon Musk has announced that Tesla will open a Supercharger charging station for all electric vehicles from other manufacturers to use.

Tesla currently has more than 2,700 Supercharger charging stations with approximately 25,000 charging ports around the world. When ‘opening the door like that’, it is clear that electric car companies, including VinFast, will benefit greatly from this network.

However, if at Volkswagen’s public charging station, users have to pay a fee (in kW of electricity or by the number of hours of use), then with a Supercharger station, companies will have to work with Tesla.

What will be discussed may be related to usage costs, as well as maintenance/repair costs.

Tesla trải hoa hồng cho xe điện: Có thật VinFast sẽ ngồi mát ăn bát vàng? - Ảnh 3.

Currently, popular charging standards can be mentioned as CCS or CHAdeMO (2 these charging standards apply at Volkswagen stations). But with Tesla, the company has used a separate charging standard, unlike other charging standards.

Therefore, Tesla’s charging stations will probably be equipped with additional converters to match the different charging standards that companies use.

As noted at VinFast’s charging stations in Vietnam, VinFast is using the CCS-2 standard, with a load capacity of up to 350kWh.

This move by Tesla seems to ‘roll out the red carpet’ for electric car companies that have or will come to the US market, helping “smaller” car manufacturers to reduce concerns about facilities in the market with the third largest area. this world.

However, there will be no scene of sitting cool eating a golden bowl with anyone. To take advantage of this, as mentioned above, companies must have a contract with Tesla first. Not to mention, the most important thing is, can the companies sell enough cars to survive in this fierce market?

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