Technology race between banks

Tram Ho

It is not difficult to affirm, if the bank constantly innovates and creates, the bank will remove itself from the “racetrack”. One of those “tracks” is the development of e-banking services or online payment tools to create a “turning point” for future banking transactions.

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Trend of the times

Worldwide, non-cash payment activities in general and electronic payment in particular have become popular payment methods. According to a survey by the World Bank (WB), non-cash payment has become a popular payment method in many developed countries around the world with the value of people’s spending accounting for more than 90% of the total daily transaction number. Along with that, the trend of using Smartphone as a “non-separation” device has turned the phone into “mobile banks”. Catching that trend, Vietnamese banks have quickly “entered” to build convenient banking products and services with an easy-to-use interface on the phone, maximizing the delivery time. Translation and suitable for all customers.

However, the conversion of payment habits of users to non-cash payments is still difficult when the current transaction process still uses cash. A difficult problem for Vietnamese banks is to conduct research to create new payment methods and utilities for users on digital technology platform.

Which bank is leading the race?

Grasping the great potential of the market, Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade (Vietcombank) joined the race to develop various electronic banking services on the basis of modern technology such as: VCB iB @ nking, VCB-Mobile B @ nking, VCBPAY, VCB-SMS B @ nking. In addition to traditional banking features such as money transfer, online payment, phone recharge, Vietcombank electronic ecosystem has additional specialized utilities such as: Auto Debit deduction, train ticket booking, Car tickets, payment via QR codes, automatic savings, … with just a few quick taps on the phone.

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With a multi-layer security barrier verified on Vietcombank’s services, customers are completely assured of non-cash payment transactions. Specifically, in order to log in to an account, customers need to enter OTP code sent by the bank via a message to successfully execute the transaction. In addition, when the customer leaves the phone screen or exits the application, the system will automatically exit and must log back into the user account to ensure that there is no use by the crook.

Not only that, Vietcombank’s e-banking application is designed with friendly interface, easy to use with customers. With Vietcombank’s digital technology platform, customers can completely transfer money in less than 1 minute, the recipient will receive money immediately (transfer 24/7).

Vietcombank’s efforts to optimize convenience for users have been recognized by The Asian Banker Magazine with the award “Bank with the best Mobile Banking initiative in Vietnam” at the “Vietnam National Awards” ceremony. 2019 “is within the framework of the Prospects for Banking – Finance industry

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Vietcombank’s e-banking services are designed to be user-friendly

In addition, Vietcombank is the first bank in Vietnam to achieve the global GPI standard, and is also one of the first two Vietnamese banks recognized by the State Bank to meet Basel II standards in Vietnam 1 year early. compared with regulations. This recognition marks an important step in the success of Basel II implementation roadmap in particular and Vietnam commercial banking system in general.

Basel II is the second version of the Basel Treaty, which outlines the general principles and standards of the Basel Committee on banking supervision, issued in June 2004. After assessing the actual capacity of Vietnamese banks, the SBV decided to select 10 banks to pilot the standard of capital calculation according to Basel II standard method, including Vietcombank, VietinBank, and BIDV, MB, Sacombank, Techcombank, ACB, VPBank, VIB and Maritime Bank apply Basel II according to the roadmap of the State Bank (SBV).

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ