Teachers on social networks call for “rescuing” online learning applications before the storm of 1-star Vietnamese students

Tram Ho

In the context of Covid-19 translation, there are still complicated developments, many schools have implemented an online classroom model to help students and students consolidate their knowledge during extended breaks.

Although the online learning brings a lot of positive meaning to the majority of students, there is still a significant part of the negative reactions that are worthy of condemnation. Most recently, two apps that support online learning, “SHub Classroom Questions and Answers” and “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”, are receiving a series of 1-star reviews from users for the purpose of making applications. on removed from app market.

Giáo viên lên mạng xã hội kêu gọi “giải cứu” ứng dụng học online trước bão đánh giá 1 sao của học sinh Việt - Ảnh 1.

Studying online at home gives students time to revise for important upcoming exams

In addition to giving them a 1-star rating, these users left a number of critical remarks, even cursing, opposing learning and delivering online assignments. The end of February 2020 has been extended until now after the first decisions and online dynamics from teachers and schools.

Worth mentioning, even when the above incident is reflected by a series of news websites, electronic newspapers in Vietnam, the bad review status of both applications has not shown signs of stopping and continuing.

Giáo viên lên mạng xã hội kêu gọi “giải cứu” ứng dụng học online trước bão đánh giá 1 sao của học sinh Việt - Ảnh 2.

Most reviews are accompanied by negative comments, opposing online learning. Photo: Facebook

Witnessing such disturbing actions, many social networking sites called for “rescuing” online learning support applications such as Zoom Cloud Meeting from a boycott of a group of students.

I myself see Zoom is an effective online learning application for students not only during this epidemic period. Also secondary and high school students can take advantage of this app because Most people are already conscious of learning voluntarily, but a significant part is putting pressure on the publisher by evaluating (rate) 1 star to force the publisher to remove the application with the reasons. due to being silly after, “NTH, a foreign language teacher in Hanoi, shared his opinion on the personal page about the incident, and called on many netizens to rate 5 stars for Zoom Cloud Meeting application.

This article was later received a warm response from MXH users, with thousands of Likes, comments and shares.

Giáo viên lên mạng xã hội kêu gọi “giải cứu” ứng dụng học online trước bão đánh giá 1 sao của học sinh Việt - Ảnh 3.

An English teacher had to ‘call for help’ on MXH when the ZOOM app received a review storm 1 *

Up to the present time, the number of 1-star reviews is too much, making Zoom’s rating drop to 2.4 / 5 on the CH Play app market. Meanwhile, on the AppleStore download store of iOS, the Zoom app has a better score (3,4) but also received a 1 star rate storm for reasons such as “the app is good but not suitable for Vietnamese education”. Nam ”,“ the app is good, but because I have to learn online so I’m sorry to rate 1 star ”…

Giáo viên lên mạng xã hội kêu gọi “giải cứu” ứng dụng học online trước bão đánh giá 1 sao của học sinh Việt - Ảnh 4.

Many netizens are now calling users to rate 5 stars of the above applications “to compensate the authors’ effort” (Screenshot)

Earlier, the phenomenon of some Vietnamese students leaving offensive comments in online lessons also made many people angry. Many students used non-standard, even obscene words to join the conversation while lectures were broadcast live on Youtube channel of Hanoi Television. This ugly image caused the Hanoi Television Station to invite the Hanoi City Police to join in to verify the cases of the bad acts mentioned above and handle them.

Zoom or Zoom Meeting is an application that helps users to study, exchange or online meetings through video sharing. Compared to other video chat applications, Zoom is appreciated for its good sound and image quality, as well as the ability to share many types of document files and also has a whiteboard for teachers to easily guide during the teaching process. learn online.

The Zoom app is available in web version, desktop software, and smartphone apps. Users can download this application on the website Zoom.us/download or on CH Play application market of Android or Google App Store.

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