Scientists have created the world’s first unbreakable encryption chip, even using quantum computers

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This new encryption method uses physical rules to enhance security, thereby potentially preventing the threat of quantum computers.

Scientists have successfully developed the world’s first ‘completely uncrackable’ encryption method, with a level of security that could lead to today’s top cracking methods. Remarkably, this newly developed method even has the ability to prevent threats from quantum computers – the latest technological achievements of mankind.

This is the result of many years of research by a team of scientists at the University of St Andrews (Scotland), in conjunction with international colleagues at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). The research, published in the journal Nature on December 20, is expected to enhance the security of information transmission.

Các nhà khoa học vừa tạo ra con chip mã hóa không thể bẻ khóa đầu tiên trên thế giới, chấp luôn cả máy tính lượng tử - Ảnh 1.

The new encryption method does not use programming code or software for security

Dr Al Cruz, author of the study, said the team has developed a special silicon chip that applies natural physics rules, including chaos theory (Chaos Theory) and the law of things. two of thermodynamics, to enhance the coding ability.

Initially, data that needs to be encoded as digital information will be stored as light. The light that contains this data is then transmitted via a silicon chip, which is specially designed to contain complex structures that can bend and refract light, thereby disrupting the information contained inside. in the light.

Although admitting “no other type of encryption is impossible to crack,” Dr. Al Cruz insists, using physical rules to protect the encryption method is much more “unmatched” than it is. with the previous methods.

It’s all just hardware and physics, ” Dr. Cruz said. ” If you want to crack, you need to have a professor of physics studies to understand what happens inside this chip .”

Of course, the newly developed encryption method is completely ‘immune’ to traditional cracking methods, because they do not have the software or programming code that hackers can manipulate or interfere with. Meanwhile, the codes generated by the silicon chip, which are used to unlock each message, are never stored nor interfered with the message.

Even when malicious actors gain physical access to the chip, then proceed to copy or modify internal components, these effects can only prevent the mechanism of protection. Password stops working, but the password cannot be revealed.

Các nhà khoa học vừa tạo ra con chip mã hóa không thể bẻ khóa đầu tiên trên thế giới, chấp luôn cả máy tính lượng tử - Ảnh 2.

Quantum computers are thought to be capable of cracking every current encryption method

Notably, this new encryption technology has also been hailed as being able to prevent the threat of quantum computers, and can be used in existing communication systems. Although the development of quantum computers is still in its infancy, security experts have warned that cyber hacker groups may have stored information to attack as soon as the quantum computer. gradually be applied in practice.

With the advent of extremely powerful computational quantum supercomputers, all of the current coding will be broken in a very short time , said Dr. Andrea Frirthocchi, head of the group. Study warning. ” Therefore, we need to develop stronger encryption methods to counteract that .”

This new technique cannot be completely cracked, as we have clearly stated in our report, ” said Professor Andrea di Falco of the School of Physics and Astronomy at St. Petersburg University. Andrew, co-author of the study said. ” This method can be used to increase the security of transmitting communications between users at any distance, at extremely fast speeds approaching the limit of the speed of light.

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