Samsung stops selling Galaxy Z Fold 2, paving the way for an early launch of Z Fold 3

Tram Ho

When Samsung first launched the Galaxy Fold, it got off to a rough start. Thankfully, the Korean giant has fixed the Galaxy Fold’s troubles. Then, the successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 was very successful.

Samsung ngừng bán Galaxy Z Fold 2, mở đường ra mắt sớm Z Fold 3 - Ảnh 1.

Samsung is preparing to launch its next folding screen smartphone, which is Galaxy Z Fold 3. Starting today, Samsung’s official website no longer allows users to buy Galaxy Z Fold 2.

When clicking on buy Galaxy Z Fold 2 in the US, users will receive the message “Galaxy Fold is no longer available for purchase on, however please see other Galaxy family options”.

Samsung ngừng bán Galaxy Z Fold 2, mở đường ra mắt sớm Z Fold 3 - Ảnh 2.

Samsung mentioned the Galaxy Fold, but apparently Samsung’s first foldable smartphone was also completely removed from the website before. Maybe Samsung reused the old notice, when the Galaxy Fold stopped selling to make way for the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The same means that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is about to go on sale earlier than expected. Of course, users can still buy Galaxy Z Fold 2 at retail chains, or other online sites like Amazon.

According to a recent leak, Samsung may launch the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 on August 3. Then, these two foldable smartphones will go on sale on August 27. This year, Samsung will also not launch the Galaxy Note line like every year.

Reference: androidauthority

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