Samsung is developing the Galaxy S21 5G which supports the S Pen stylus, which could replace the Galaxy Note series

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In the second half of 2020, Samsung has succeeded with the launch of the Galaxy Note20, Note20 Ultra and the impressive folding screen smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G.

There shouldn’t be too many differences, but the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has done a great job by improving the shortcomings and significantly enhancing the durability of the foldable screen, compared to the first generation Galaxy Fold. The success of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has also sparked a few speculations about whether Samsung will continue the Galaxy Note line or not.

Samsung đang phát triển Galaxy S21 5G hỗ trợ bút S Pen, có thể thay thế dòng Galaxy Note - Ảnh 1.

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with S Pen stylus.

These rumors have been around for a few years. Many people have asserted that Samsung may end the Note line, as the differences between the Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note are not too much. The success of the newly launched foldable smartphone line could also replace the large-screen Note line.

According to the latest report from Korean media, Samsung is developing a Galaxy S21 5G with S Pen support and a Galaxy Note21 5G. This is most likely a strategy to attract customers of the Galaxy Note series to switch to the Galaxy S series, preparing for the death of the Note line.

The Galaxy S21 5G will support the S Pen, but that isn’t meant to be included with this pen. Galaxy S21 is also not designed to tuck the S Pen inside like the Note series. Instead, the S Pen will be like an optional accessory, which users must buy outside. It’s also unclear how many versions of the S21 will support the S Pen.

Samsung đang phát triển Galaxy S21 5G hỗ trợ bút S Pen, có thể thay thế dòng Galaxy Note - Ảnh 2.

Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The fact that Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has never gained as much popularity as the Galaxy S series is undeniable, however, the effects of this phablet on the smartphone industry are enormous. Even Galaxy Note is also a typical symbol of the Korean giant, and also has a lot of loyal customers.

Therefore, the death of the Note line is not a simple thing. In order to appease loyal Galaxy Note customers, Samsung will have to launch the best Galaxy S21 5G, and even a better Galaxy S22 next year.

Let’s wait and see if the Galaxy S21 5G with S Pen support is enough to replace the Samsung Galaxy Note line. And if so, then the Galaxy Note21 will most likely be the last version of this phablet line.

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