Samsung announced new products on the website of … Apple

Tram Ho

Although it was not until February 11 for Samsung to announce a new series of products, but until now, all have been leaked and almost no longer a surprise anymore. Specifically, three products that Samsung is about to launch are Galaxy S20 “super camera” smartphone, Galaxy Z Flip clamshell smartphone and Galaxy Buds + wireless headphones.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung products were leaked by famous leaker such as evleaks, OnLeaks or IceUniverse, but also from the main … Samsung. Images of the Galaxy S20 have recently been posted publicly on the Samsung website confirming the name and design of this device. And recently, Samsung continued to reveal Galaxy Buds + headphones, but this time it was on the … Apple website.

Specifically, the Galaxy Buds + application has been recently uploaded by Samsung to Apple’s App Store. This application allows iPhone and iPad users to connect to Galaxy Buds +; But I don’t know why Samsung decided to put it on the App Store at a time when no one had owned this pair of headphones.

Samsung công bố sản phẩm mới trên website của... Apple - Ảnh 1.

The Galaxy Buds + application is uploaded by Samsung to the App Store

The illustrations of the application posted by Samsung have once again confirmed the design of Galaxy Buds +. Thereby, Galaxy Buds + is a slight upgrade of the Galaxy Buds with a nearly constant design. However, rumors say the Galaxy Buds + will have some improvements over the Galaxy Buds in terms of sound quality, microphone and battery life.

Samsung công bố sản phẩm mới trên website của... Apple - Ảnh 2.

Galaxy Buds + design is almost unchanged from the previous generation.

Samsung’s new product launch event will take place at 2am on February 12 in Vietnam time. With this being a “sorrowful time” for the Vietnamese people, plus the fact that every product has been leaked – perhaps tech fans should take this time to rest, especially in At the time when the corona pandemic was outbreaking and health was the top priority.

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