Rumor: Apple will ship AirPods with the 2020 iPhone, but don’t be afraid to believe it

Tram Ho

According to a source from DigiTimes, Apple is considering bundling AirPods for new iPhone versions of 2020. According to an industry insider, the report said, " smartphone companies, including Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi, are Consider packing their new smartphones with TWS headphones next year . "

TWS stands for "True Wireless Stereo" – refers to truewireless wireless headsets including devices such as Apple's AirPods or Samsung's Galaxy Buds.

However, given Apple's usual business strategy, this may seem hard to believe. AirPods cost from $ 159, too expensive for an accessory to be bundled with new iPhones next year without costing them too much. Not to mention, DigiTimes' rumors about Apple are not always accurate.

Tin đồn: Apple sẽ tặng kèm AirPods với iPhone 2020, nhưng đừng vội tin - Ảnh 1.

AirPods are a company's money-making accessory, with Apple Watch contributing billions of dollars to Apple's quarterly revenue. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why Apple wants to give away that best-selling item to hundreds of millions of users, when it did not even have an iPhone 11 fast charger, but only for the iPhone 11 Pro series. .

In fact, the current demand for new AirPods Pro headphones is so high that it is reported that Apple is doubling production.

Many years ago, Apple often packaged earphones with EarPods and a Lightning charging cable in the box with the iPhone. These headphones are inherently cheap when retailing for just $ 29 on Apple's website. However, since Apple removed the 3.5mm connector on the iPhone, this accessory is no longer included.

Even though this rumor seems unreliable, it's likely the time for Apple to feel that it needs to give its customers something more modern than EarPods when buying an iPhone.

Anyway, AirPods are currently the best-selling true wireless wireless headset in the world, so if this is true, it is likely that this accessory will be bundled with the most advanced iPhone 12 Pro versions. It will be more than 10 months before the iPhone 12 launch, by which time we will know more about these rumors.

Refer to MacRumors

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