Roles and Tasks of Project Roles – Part 1

Tram Ho

There are many fresher when starting the career still do not clearly identify the role and the tasks in the role, so there is often a situation where you do not know who to ask. So I write this article to share a little of my understanding hoping to be helpful for you

1. Client

An end-user using your system or simply an intermediary hiring you to create a software for them.
This is also considered the last boss of all projects. Or in many cases these are mothers who have long been lost in addition to their biological parents. That is father of life and mother of the world.

2. PM

PM (Project Manager) as the name implies, this is the head responsible for the project. PM as a person looking at the whole project. From work progress, to project scope and financial guarantee for the project does not suffer losses.
Often we will 相 談 with PM matters related to project deadlines, size and scope.

PM’s task focuses on management, there are many things such as ensuring, reporting progress to customers, dividing work even many PM projects have to fly into code lun.😂, that sounds ridiculous, but it happened quite a lot

3. Leader

If PM is more about management, leader is more technical. Ensure the quality of the output code is the best and not wrong in terms of business.
Technical issues such as the direction of researching a new technique quickly, the best code, no bugs … the leader is the most reasonable person.

Ensure the output code is of the best quality, related tasks such as code review, team member guidance, source code management, writing design, building the initial source code … there are many small projects that leaders must enter. code as a team member or manage progress cum PM

4. BrSE / BSE

BrSE / BSE (Bridge System Engineer) is a unique role in the outsourcing industry. This is simply a bridge between the VN outsourcing team and the Japanese customers. Understand the requirements of the customer and convey to the Vietnamese team

Understand the profession and overview of the system, flexibly respond to psychology and requirements of customers, transmit required content to Vietnamese team. Like the leader, in small projects, BSE can also take part in progress management instead of PM


In terms of the management layer, most of the roles are above. It says management but does not mean that the other roles are unimportant. Roles play separate roles but contribute to the project. So no role is more important than any other. But it is important to know what the role roles are to ask when the situation is difficult.

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