Review Realme C3: Let’s play, don’t shoot!

Tram Ho

Sold for less than 3 million VND, Realme C3 is clearly aimed at low-income people or students. But regardless of the price, the machine sold must also have a number of separate points to attract users. So what are those points? After two days of experience, I’ve concluded a few points below.

Things OK

Despite being plastic, it has its own identifying point

The phones at this price range have a plastic design and perhaps because of that, the products have a “copy” of each other, if you glance at it and do not notice the logo, it will certainly not distinguish it. .

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 1.

However, Realme C3 is not like that. The company still uses plastic covers for the C3 but the emphasis is on the diagonal lines, radiating right from the center of the main camera, creating the feeling like the angled sunlight that I used to paint in the past.

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 2.

Look at this pattern …

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 3.

… like that picture of the Sun’s rays!

It is this highlight that accidentally creates something different from the product, not to be “mixed” into the mid-range or other cheap smartphone forests. Besides, due to the use of rough material, I don’t have to worry about fingerprints as well as holding it in my hand to watch movies or play games for long periods of time and don’t mind slipping.

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 4.

The thickness of the machine is nothing to say, but if you know it contains a 5,000 mAh battery inside, the Realme C3 is still known to “keep in shape” very well. The details on the body are also very well machined, the area around the Volume key or the source are made a little subsidence, creating its own accent.

Large screen, comfortable display space

At 6.5 inches, the Realme C3 is able to provide a comfortable display space today. The HD + resolution of this monitor initially made me nervous about the details, but after 2 days of use with conditions from web surfing to playing games, it is not completely a problem. The details are still quite good.

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 6.

The device uses a water drop design to create a feeling of overflow.

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 7.

The screen brightness is just enough, if it is too sunny outside, the content on this C3 is somewhat difficult.

I thought playing the game was not good, it turned out to be too good

Instead of installing some light games, I increased the challenge for this phone with heavy games like Asphalt 9 or PUBG Mobile, the results were impressive for a machine under 3. million dong, use Helio G70 and 3 GB of RAM!

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 8.

In PUBG Mobile, with the HD graphics configuration (the highest level that can be activated on this machine) and the high frame rate, I spent nearly 30 minutes on the Vikendi battlefield without meeting any frame stuttering. Maybe that’s why I also Winner Chicken Dinner in this game …

Play Vikendi in PUBG Mobile with Realme C3

Asphalt 9, I deliberately changed the graphics level from Default (default) to High Quality to see if the machine could carry it. Quite surprisingly, the machine does not show any drop of frame even though there are phases of sparks, fire and explosion effect. The only sadness is probably due to the low resolution screen, so the detail has not been “already” and the jaggies appear when the camera is close to the “horse” part. Of course these are just small things and do not affect the overall experience of the device when playing games.

In addition, the 5,000 mAh battery is also a plus point, for students who like to plow the game, the choice of Realme C3 is too reasonable.

And the things that we must CHANGE

Apart from the trivialities mentioned above, what else do we have to trade when using this phone?

The first is a very slow charger. Thank you to the manufacturer for putting the 5,000 mAh battery in this phone, but unplugging fast charging is extremely damning. This leads to a full charge time of Realme C3 up to 3 hours!

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 11.

Besides, we have entered 2020, but look, Realme C3 is still using the old Micro USB interface. If you forgot to charge the battery last night and came to the company and found out in a bag without a cable, it certainly will not be fun, because sometimes colleagues or friends now use Type-C cables. Not to mention for those who want to use this Realme C3 as an auxiliary machine, they also have to be equipped with a Micro USB cable next to the Type-C cable for the main machine, which is quite inadequate.

The camera is not a strong point of this phone, this is understandable because it is not in the mid-range or high-end segment. It has a triple rear camera cluster including a 12 MP f / 1.8 main camera, a 2 MP background portrait camera and a 2 MP super-close camera. The camera quality is only at a temporary level, can save daily memories or live virtual on social networks if you take extra posture. If you are more demanding on this phone, I recommend choosing a higher-end model, or simply choosing it but just playing games, not taking photos.

Realme C3 marks its first smartphone to use the new Realme UI interface, away from ColorOS previously used with the OPPO family. However, this new interface still inherits a lot from ColorOS, for those who have used it, it is not surprising.

Đánh giá Realme C3: Chơi thôi, đừng chụp! - Ảnh 13.

However, the experience of the interface still needs to be improved, especially when using the swipe mode with a relatively slow response while in the game. Maybe Realme wanted to create a mechanism to avoid mistaken use for the user while playing the game, but it seems that this mechanism works a bit too well, which made me have to swipe at least 4-5 times before the machine will escape to the main screen. . Hopefully the next update will improve this problem.

Overall in this price range, Realme C3 is one of the products worth considering, if you ignore the small points from MicroUSB port to slow charger. Realme C1 and C2 have been selling well in Vietnam market and this time C3 will make more miracles in 2020? Let’s wait for signals from users in the future.

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