Revealing Ms. ViVi on VinFast: Veteran MC leads VTV news, you may have to collect tens of thousands of lines

Tram Ho

Yesterday (August 10), a clip recording a scene of a person directly chatting with a VinFast car is attracting attention on social networks. According to information from the Big Data Research Institute (VinBigdata) of Vingroup, the “character” who talks to people inside the car is ViVi – a Vietnamese voice assistant used for the entire VinFast car ecosystem, smart home Vinhomes and many other areas of Vingroup.

In the clip, virtual assistant ViVi speaks in a female voice. According to VinBigdata, this voice comes from a very familiar person on television, editor Hoai Anh, who often appears in news programs. In addition, ViVi also allows users to choose many voices from different regions, can choose male or female voice at will. Therefore, in addition to editor Hoai Anh, ViVi will have the voices of many other famous MCs.

Hé lộ chị ViVi trên VinFast: MC kỳ cựu dẫn thời sự VTV, có thể phải thu hàng chục nghìn câu thoại - Ảnh 1.

BTV Hoai Anh is considered a pioneer to change the voice of VTV’s 19h news program when it first had a Southern accent.

ViVi is an intelligent virtual assistant, which according to VinBigdata, this assistant can support more than 100 features including information, utilities, entertainment, services and smart car control. The way ViVi works is similar to famous virtual assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google’s Google Assistant. Users only need to say “Hey, VinFast” and assistant Vivi will respond and answer questions raised by the user. According to the clip, ViVi can do a lot of things, like adjusting the air conditioner when the user says “it’s hot”, searching for information like Google or being able to tell a joke…

Hé lộ chị ViVi trên VinFast: MC kỳ cựu dẫn thời sự VTV, có thể phải thu hàng chục nghìn câu thoại - Ảnh 2.

ViVi is integrated with the new infotainment system on VinFast cars.

Thanks to voice processing technology, ViVi can personalize the user experience. VinBigdata said that ViVi’s Vietnamese recognition ability is accurate to 98%, the error rate for voice recognition is less than 6% when there is a network connection and 15% when the network connection is lost.

To have such accurate voice recognition, VinBigdata has a huge source of question and answer data. There will be a lot of people reading, about 200 sentences each, with all kinds of situations and diverse content. Besides, the character behind ViVi like BTV Hoai Anh or other MCs will have to collect tens of thousands of corresponding answers.

Currently, the ViVi virtual assistant is being tested on the Lux SA2.0 model, but the screen is a large touch screen that will be available on the VF e35 and VF e36. It is not excluded that the ViVi virtual assistant will also be available on the VF e34, which is about to be handed over to customers from November, because according to VinFast’s announcement, this model will also have smart connectivity features. In the future, ViVi may also be integrated in all VinFast automotive products sold to the market.

Hé lộ chị ViVi trên VinFast: MC kỳ cựu dẫn thời sự VTV, có thể phải thu hàng chục nghìn câu thoại - Ảnh 3.

ViVi promises to be available on VinFast models sold in the future.

In the international market, many major car manufacturers have been developing and applying virtual assistant technology to cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Ford… Most companies combine with Google to bring Google Assistant in the car. However, ViVi’s advantage in Vietnam is its ability to accurately recognize Vietnamese. Meanwhile, foreign car models when brought to Vietnam must interact in English.

About Hoai Anh – the voice on virtual assistant ViVi: Nguyen Thi Hoai Anh, born in 1980, is a presenter, editor of Vietnam Television Station and Vietnam Television Center in Ho Chi Minh City. . HCM. Hoai Anh was born in Hanoi but is remembered for his Southern accent. She started appearing on television in 2007 and is now a familiar face on VTV’s 19-hour news program. Previously, Hoai Anh was considered as one of the brightest MC faces with many awards.

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