Research: Android phones drop twice as fast as iPhones

Tram Ho

BankMyCell, a service specializing in exchanging mobile devices, tracked the depreciation of the value of Apple and Android devices and found that after one year, the iPhone has a much higher resale price than the iPhone. with rivals.

IPhone resale value is always higher than Android

Every device falls in value over time. ” In the first year, on average, the iPhone lost 23.45% of its value; by the second year, the total value lost was 45.46% ” – BankMyCell said.

But Android is falling even more. After one year, they lose 48.65% of their value – more than twice as much as an iPhone after the same amount of time. And after 2 years, the value of Android devices has lost 79.66%.

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Take iPhone XR as an example. This model debuted in late 2018 for $ 749. In 2019, the value of the device will decrease by $ 102. What about Samsung Galaxy S10? Samsung devices also cost $ 749, but launched later, in March 2019. By the end of last year, the value of the device had lost $ 278 – according to BankMyCell.

And Samsung is the least devaluing firm in the Android world. Device exchange service BankMyCell says Motorola, LG, and Google models, on average, lost more than half their value in the first year of launch.

This is not new information. Similar studies conducted last year and 2018 also show that iPhones hold prices much longer than their competitors.

Reference: CultofMac

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