Q3 / 2019 smartphone market: Samsung is still No. 1, Huawei is far ahead of Apple, Xiaomi is in decline

Tram Ho

According to the latest report of International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of smartphones shipped worldwide has increased slightly in Q3 / 2019. Overall, the smartphone market had 358.3 million smartphones shipped, up 0.8% from last year and up 8.1% from the previous quarter.

Samsung is still the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, with 78.2 million smartphones shipped and capturing 21.8% of the global market share, up 8.3% from last year.

Thị trường smartphone Q3/2019: Samsung vẫn là số 1, Huawei bỏ xa Apple, Xiaomi suy sụp - Ảnh 1.

In second place is Huawei, with 66.6 million smartphones shipped and accounting for 18.6% of the market share. Most impressive is the 28.2% growth compared to last year, the highest of all smartphone manufacturers.

Thị trường smartphone Q3/2019: Samsung vẫn là số 1, Huawei bỏ xa Apple, Xiaomi suy sụp - Ảnh 2.

That’s why Huawei continues to outstrip Apple, which only shipped 46.6 million iPhones and accounted for 13% of the market share. Apple’s growth rate is -0.6%.

Xiaomi ranked 4th, with 32.7 million smartphones and accounted for 9.1% of the market share, a growth rate of 3.3%. OPPO entered the top 5, with 31.2 million smartphones and a 8.7% market share.

Huawei recorded a record growth in Q3 / 2018, despite a US ban that prevented new smartphones from being sold in Europe. But the ban itself hurt Apple more, as Chinese users boycotted U.S. products to support domestic goods.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi fell by 3.3% over the same period last year. This is an alarm signal because Xiaomi has always used a cheap strategy, taking sales to offset the low profit margin. Part of it is Huawei’s dominance in the Chinese market, and the rest to brands like Oppo, Vivo and Honor competing with low- and mid-range smartphones.


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