President Donald Trump’s Twitter account is specially protected, so it was not attacked by hackers yesterday

Tram Ho

In the most arguably Twitter attack in history yesterday, a series of verified premium accounts including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk and Bill Gates were attacked by hackers. Bitcoin scam information. However, in that account, President Donald Trump’s account is not touched by hackers.

According to a New York Times report, Mr. Trump’s Twitter account has been enhanced with security, following previous incidents in the past. The New York Times does not specify what past incidents are, but we all know of an incident that happened on November 2, 2017, when an employee disabled Mr. Trump’s account on business days. His last at Twitter.

Tài khoản Twitter của tổng thống Donald Trump được bảo vệ một cách đặc biệt, do đó không bị tấn công bởi hacker ngày hôm qua - Ảnh 1.

A day after the incident, Twitter said it had taken special security measures, so that the same thing doesn’t happen again. The New York Times said Twitter restricted employee access to Trump’s account management tool. These tools usually allow employees to block or cancel Twitter accounts, but this tool does not allow employees to tweet from that account.

According to the Motherboard report, the massive attack on Twitter on Wednesday was related to a Twitter administration tool. Twitter itself also acknowledged the internal system and tools that employees used to be used by hackers to launch attacks.

But as far as we know, Twitter is completely capable of preventing attacks on famous and influential accounts on social networks. But Twitter did not do that, and only protected the account of President Donald Trump.

Reference: The Verge

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